Another "Legalized" Illegal Baby Dump in Florida

Short comment today. Tuesday’s Miami Herald published the area’s latest baby dump story, Newborn girl left at Coral Springs. (my emphasis) Several firefighters were in the Coral Springs fire station Monday night when a baby’s cry summoned them outside where they found a newborn girl. “She was wrapped in some T-shirts,” said Mike Moser, spokesman for Coral Springs Fire Department. “The child still had the umbilical cord and some of the placenta attached.” Firefighters took the baby to Northwest Medical Center where doctors examined her. She was in good condition. Then, she was taken to Safe Haven for Newborns, a state organization that works closely with private adoption agencies, Moser said…. where she was, (I say) neutralized, homogenized, and statisticalized into the “safe haven” system, never more to be seen or heard. Sorry folks, this is not a ‘safe haven” case. A legal dump requires that an infant to be handed over in person, not left in a basket, or box, or dropped in the grass like an old sock. The baby was left unattended outside a fire station. But why quibble with legalities? Apparently, the State of Florida treats illegal abandonment as a legal “safe surrender” abandonment, to cook Continue Reading →


Back in April, around the time the media hog tied us with the Terri Schiavo Deathwatch, a disabled newborn girl, “surrendered” at a hospital in Miami, got pimped around the Internet. Baby Lydia, as she is now called, was born without most of both arms and only one leg. Part of her chin is missing. She breathes through a tube in her throat and she is fed through a tube in her stomach. According to a news article in the May 17 Miami Herald, Lydia’s placement was assigned to the Gift of Life adoption agency in Pinellas Park, the same location of the recently ended Schiavo Dog & Pony Show. On April 4, only a few days after “pro-life” demonstrators were hauled off to the slammer in Pinellas Park, Bastardette received an email from Leslie Tignor,director of the Associate Program of the anti-abortion/anti-gay/anti-science/anti-everything American Life League, an organization that, btw, signed on as an amica in Doe v Sundquist to keep adoption records sealed in Tennessee. Tignor implored her readers, at the behest of baby dump entrepreneur Nick Silverio, founder of Florida’s Safe Haven for Newborns to consider adopting Baby Lydia lest she be dealt the same state-imposed fate as Continue Reading →