Baby Dump Pimps Remain Bold; Brag About Hospital Dumps

NOTE: I originally intended to write only a short piece on the West Covina story below. But once I started I decided it was important for new readers, and those readers who might have forgotten, to go back and put the case in context from material I’ve written previously that I recently updated, but haven’t published. This piece does not cover how baby dump laws are used as a weapon against Class Bastard and the restoration of our right to our original birth certificates, which has been discussed in depth on this blog elsewhere. Baby dump pimps have no shame as they continue to widen their net, reframe language, and cook the books. Take this story from the May 23, 2011 Whittier Daily News (and other southern California papers) (my emphasis) WEST COVINA – A woman surrendered a newborn infant at a West Covina hospital – the first “safe surrender” in the county this year, a county supervisor said Monday. The woman gave birth to the baby girl at the hospital and asked to surrender the newborn on May 20, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe’s office announced in a statement… …”This case could have ended in tragedy, but because Continue Reading →


Have you recovered from the National Council for Adoption’s big Stay-at-Home Gala last night? I just pulled myself out of bed after a night of amended birth certificate burning, heavy boozing, and indiscriminate sex with my local street gang celebrating how adoption has improved my life. (left) As I stumbled into the kitchen to mix myself some hair of the dog and feed the angry kitties, I decided to check my email. And am I ever glad I did! Right there between Facebook messages and a credit card bill I found a note from NCFA and “children everywhere waiting to be adopted,” thanking me for my generous support of adoption. With my help, NCFA was able to raise $14,000 “to benefit vital NCFA programs that help find families for children who are waiting to be adopted.” Or is that programs that help adoption agencies harvest pregos who are waiting to give birth? Or is that programs that help find other people’s children for waiting middle-aged couples who feel entitled to them? I’m so confused Sadly, it seems that the mailman failed to deliver those 6,000,000 cards bastards sent thanking NCFA for protecting us from ourselves and our deviant histories. Thanks. Continue Reading →


There’s a little more information today on Nebraska’s latest Big Kid dump. This morning’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution identifies the “desperate mother” as Tysheema Brown, 33, of Smyrna. No details, though, on how she managed to drive an allegedly uncontrollable kid 1000 miles all by herself. Did she handcuff him? Lock him in the trunk? OD him on Dramamine? Did he arrive in a straight jacket?According to Lincoln Police Chief Thomas Casady, who has been less than happy with the Nebraska Fiasco, the county attorney’s office will file a petition in juvenile court and a judge will decide whether to keep the boy under state protection or reunite him with his family. No word if DHHS intends to contact Georgia authorities. It’s a sure bet, though, that Georgia officials will get involved as have Iowa and Michigan agencies in those out-of-state cases. Finally, you’ll really enjoy this: a quote from Tim Jaccard, founder of New York’s AMT-Children of Hope Foundation and now the president of the National Safe Haven Alliance (I guess Tom Atwood bailed): When children are older they have the ability to understand what’s going on, and they’re thinking, “Mommy and Daddy don’t want me anymore, so they’re throwing me Continue Reading →