SB: 713: Missouri Thy Name is Misery

Last year the Missouri legislature passed a really bad law, (SB 351)  that permits a handful of adoptees to get their identifying information from the state if their  birthpparents give their consent or there is evidence that the birthparents are deceased.  Note that the OBC is not released; only identifying information vetted by a low-salaried apparatchiki.  This year SB 1137,  has been introduced, which contains the same rules only the OBC would be released upon proof of birthparental consent or death.  This is what passes for progress in the Show Me State, which takes its motto way too seriously.. Now, we have Senator John Lamping (R-Dist 24),  stirring this stink pot with.SB 713, designed to further ridiculiousize  the absurd legal condition of Missouri’s adopted class.  In the words of the Senate SB 713 Summary: This act modifies the provision in current law allowing for identifying information to be be obtained from a biological parent who is deceased by also allowing such information to be released  if  the biological parent is proven to be 100 years of age or older at the time of request. In other words, if you’re an old bastard with a walker and bedpan, Sen.Lamping considers you mature and safe enough for a birth certificate.  Polite Continue Reading →

Missouri: Bastard Nation Testimony on HB 1137–Oppose

I’ll be writing about the latest Missouri situaiton later, but i the meantime, here’s our testimony that was submitted to the Judiciary committee on January 25, 2012. HB 1137: access to identifying information for adoptions original birth certificate Missouri House Judiciary Committee January 25, 2012 OPPOSE Privilege is the opposite of rights Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization is the largest Adoptee civil rights organization in the United States. We support full access for all adopted persons to their original birth certificates (OBC) without restriction.. HB 1137 is not an unrestricted bill and we oppose it. Under current Missouri law, the original birth certificates of all Missouri Adoptees are sealed and cannot be released to the adoptee without a court order. Missouri’s current “identifying information access” law is a confusing, convoluted labyrinth that serves only a handful of adoptees who successfully navigate its bureaucracy. Those few who do succeed receive only “identifying information” without the release of the OBC. . HB 1157 makes no substantial changes in that law. It simply substitutes OBC release for the current informal identifying information forwarded to the adoptee, keeping the rest of the bureaucracy in place. It,fact, this bill actually increases the bureaucracy by Continue Reading →