From Strong-Arms to Soft Shoulders: Strategies in baby grabbing

Today, the strong arm has been replaced by the soft shoulder: the duping of vulnerable women (and sometimes men) , out of their children through industry constructed “rationalization,” “empathy,” and “caring” techniques framed as self-empowerment, selflessness, and a weird kind of motherly generosity.” That is, giving your kid up for adoption is kinda feelgood. The old white feminist line about helping other women become mothers. Sisterhood is powerful!

smiley-faces-Usually the agents of family discord and divide spewing this incredible line do their dirty work behind closed doors while showing their smiley faces to the public and their pap clients who want to believe the adoption process is as pristine as a baby’s soul. In practical terms, not even the most avaricious adoption industrialist wants to be seen as a greedy child grabber, especially in this day of perpetual adoption scandal, lawsuits, and shut downs.. Continue Reading →