More Conflation and Co-option: Abortion,adoption, fostercare, and Wendy’s. Make it stop!

Abortion abolitionists continue their fantasies about abortion and adoption and abortees and adoptees.  After numerous requests to cease and desist, they continue to propagandize adoptees and former and current people in foster care to pimp their agenda. Just stop it! This time around we have diva Lila Rose (who incidentally opposes contraception) and numerous abolitionist and conservative news sites peddling Wendy’s and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as allies in their pursuit of mandatory birth. Continue Reading →

Glenn Beck: Redux

Ohio Right to Life now has a collection of pictures up on YouTube of the Glenn Beck’s  art project I reported on last week. Go below for a closer look at Beck, his faithful chalkboard, and 2500 fawning fans . Beck, like Herman Cain, the soon-to-be-dumped-wannabe-prez, is a performance artist –or tries to be. He lacks the irony to pull it off except for the artless crowd that represents American culture today.. Here, for instance, is Beck a few months ago on Fox, calling for a pre-emptive US strike on England to prevent it from re-colonizing America.. It’s all about the Beatles, doncha know: The Brits are in cahoots with the Chinese. They’re aligned with the Islamo fascists who also want to take over the world. Together it’ll spread into India, which Britain also used to own. The Brits, the Chinese, the Arabs and the Indians, everyone in this caliphate cabal is a tea drinker—that’s the link that ties the conspiracy together, they use tea as a form of mind control.” Beck said. “The fall of Egypt is not about freedom, it’s not about democracy, it is about an Islamic state, too much tea and rock and roll.” Although I Continue Reading →

Hangin’ with Glenn Beck So You Don’t Have To

NOTE:  A slightly different version of this  was published by Columbus Free Press in the next day or so. I have written about Glenn Beck previously on the Daily Bastardette here, here,and   here.  Ohio Right to Life is the chief reason obcs remain sealed in Ohio. Glenn Beck is more dreadful than you think. Thursday night (October 27)  I attended Glenn Beck’s performance piece at Vets Memorial.  His appearance was sponsored by Ohio Right to Life to kick off its annual state conference and fill its operating budget (according to Beck) for next fiscal year.  Just buying a ticket wasn’t good enough. In a word of faith moment,  Beck ordered us to pull out the donation envelopes from our programs and hold them tight for the next couple hours as he  inspired us to stuff them with cash, check or credit card number.  From the looks of the beg buckets held by ORTL volunteers standing  beneath the exit signs when it was all over, Beck had indeed miraculously  turned envelopes into cash. Lying in bed the next morning I wondered just what I could write about Beck.  There must have been something in his 90 minute one man show Continue Reading →


Not due to Glenn Beck’s wanky adoption ideology, but good to hear– according to Media Matters and the Color of Change: Three companies who run ads during Glenn Beck — NexisLexis-owned, Proctor & Gamble and Progressive Insurance — today distanced themselves from Beck. LexisNexis has pulled its advertising from Beck and says it has no plans to advertise on the program in the future. Both Proctor & Gamble and Progressive Insurance called the Beck advertising placements an error that they would correct.Color of Change said in it’s press release: The mobilization came after Beck called President Obama a “racist” who “has a deep-seated hatred for white people” during an appearance last Tuesday on “Fox and Friends.” More than 45,000 members responded to the call by signing a petition directed at advertisers, including LexisNexis-owned as well as Procter & Gamble. What Beck is doing is race-baiting at its worst, it’s dangerous and it’s hard to imagine any company wanting their brand associated with it,” said James Rucker, executive director of “Beck has now shown that his extreme views are more appropriate for a street corner than a major media program. He no longer deserves the backing of mainstream Continue Reading →


After I posted Glenn Beck: As if there’s not enough reasons to loathe him, I remembered that this wasn’t the first time I’d written about him. Beck goes back to the Daily Bastardette’s earliest days. In March 2005, shortly after Glenn and Tania had guided “their” son out of the wrong tummy and into the Beck Family Channel, the Terri Schiavo drama was playing out in Pinellas Park, Florida. Beck was one of the rightwing media bullies beating up Michael Schiavo for trying to get Terri’s feeding tube removed. Michael’s big sin, other than wanting his wife loosened from her 15-year persistent vegetative state, was moving on, living with another woman, and having two children with her. Unlike the 14-year old “superhero who “carried his (chosen) child,” and the chosen child himself, Beck found the actions and products of Michael Schiavo and his fiance sordid. Apparently, for Beck, sordid reproductive products can only be cleansed by adoption and re-birth sealing. What’s in a name–part 2: (March 29, 2005)“Conservative” syndicated talk radio bloviator Glenn Beck, on a show broadcast March 15, the article claimed, referred to Michael Schiavo’s children by his fiance Jodi Centonze as “bastard children.” Whoa! Nelly! These are Continue Reading →


I’m working on a couple other things tonight. In the process of looking up something I found by accident Glenn Beck’s adoption story. Back in 2004 you see, Glenn and his second wife Tania were trying to have a baby when Glenn had a revelation from God: we’re supposed to adopt. Tania wanted to experience the joy of pregnancy, though, and had to be convinced. After a temple trip and lots of prayer, as good Mormons do, the Becks ended up at their local L-d-S agency. Glenn announced their “adoption plan” on the radio. A few weeks later he received an email from a woman informing him her 14-year old daughter is “carrying your baby.” This is a pretty long story, and you can read it here : Families Supporting Adoption: Glen [sic] and Tania Beck’s Adoption Journey. But I need to share this with you: GlennWell, Chris, unbeknownst to us, checked it out for a couple of weeks. Talked to the family and made sure it wasn’t insane. And so we flew down to Texas, and we met the family, and we met with Hannah, and she said always, always, every step of the way to Tania, “I’m carrying Continue Reading →


I wanted to stay away from the Terri Schiavo case. Really. But then I read a column in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel that really ground this proud bastadette’s gears. “Conservative” syndicated talk radio bloviator Glenn Beck, on a show broadcast March 15, the article claimed, referred to Michael Schiavo’s children by his fiance Jodi Centonze as “bastard children.” Whoa! Nelly! These are small children. Very small: 2 1/2 years and 1 year old. Does Mr. Beck really believe that it’s OK to call toddlers a name which is traditionally considered a dirty word–especially by rightwingers of his ilk? You bet! When called on his boorish behavior, Beck responded, “I’d feel real terrible about calling them that if I wasn’t so technically correct.” If you think I’m exaggerating–that the pious ghouls gathered down at the Woodside Hospice would never talk like that about arrows to the future–children, that is– like they belonged in a separate part of town away from good clean-livin’ folks, then think again. The St. Petersburg Times reports that Mr. Schiavo has received dozens of hate letters, some threatening the lives of his “bastards,” no doubt written by the same zealots who never met a fetus they Continue Reading →