“Where’s the crime?” Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schflafly endorsed baby selling

So, a butterfly could have knocked me over when a friend recently forwarded me a truly astounding Schlflay document: a copy of Mrs Schlflay’s February 17, 1977 CBS radio Spectrum commentary where the country’s Queen Bee of Family Values advocated baby selling be decriminalized or at least ignored by the law. She endorsed–actually pleaded–for an open blackmarket in babies. “What’s the harm in it?” she asked, adding that if she had not been blessed with her own six children she would have paid thousands to purchase one! Baby blackmarketing, she declared, is a “victimless crime.” Continue Reading →


Adoptees throughout the country have been watching the progress of SB 152 and are greatly dismayed that the Senate yesterday defeated the bill. We are pleased, however, that the bill will be reconsidered today, and urge your reconsideration and support. SB 152 is about the restoration of the right for all South Dakota adoptees to receive a copy of their original birth certificates, a right they once enjoyed and took for granted just as the state’s not adopted continue to. The bill is about nothing else. I was very surprised that the South Dakota Eagle Forum opposed and was apparently influential in yesterday’s defeat–especially since it used the spurious and discredited abortion argument. Reasons to seek abortion vary, but fear of a dirty little secret showing up 30 years later isn’t one of them. Even the biggest opponents of the restoration of our rights have admitted that there is no proof of a link between an original birth certificate and an abortion, it’s just something they “know” with no further explanation. The fact is thatstates that treat adoptees like everyone else with full access to their birth certificates and pre-adoption identities have lower abortion rates. And that IS provable. The Continue Reading →