Big news out of Washington this morning!

Tom Atwood has resigned as president and CEO of the National Council of Adoption “to pursue other professional opportunities.” No details given. The reigns of command, at least temporarily, have been turned over to Chuck “Gomer” Johnson who will act as interim Adoption Honcho.

Dr. Pierce must be stomping through heaven’s floor.

Johnson is a proponent of open adoption.

The good news: as the director of an Alabama adoption agency, he was part of what he calls “the Alabama compromise” that restored the right of that state’s adoptees to unrestricted access to their original birth certificates upon request. The bad news: he supports “mutual consent” and is “open” to the idea of confidential intermediaries.

Johnson also believes in working together and getting along with diverse groups. He doesn’t do name-calling. That’s a shame because NCFA is always so much fun to kick around when they call us commies, anarchists, and election thieves.

It’s gonna be real interesting to see what this non-traditional appointment means. Maybe we can bring Gomer over to the Dark Side.

Here’s the text of the press release:

Thomas C. Atwood Resigns from the National Council For Adoption

Alexandria, VA – The Board of Directors of the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) today announced that Thomas C. Atwood has
resigned as president and chief executive officer to pursue other professional opportunities. After serving as vice president for policy and research, Atwood took over NCFA’s reins in October
2002 and spearheaded the nonprofit’s growth into a leading adoption research, education, and advocacy organization, as well as an international authority on adoption issues.

“The board is grateful to Tom for his leadership and accomplishments while at NCFA, particularly in the areas of government and media relations, research, and policy
development,” said Stan Swim, chairman of the board. “He has always been a strong advocate for adoption and child welfare, and was instrumental in securing passage of the recent landmark
adoption and foster care bill. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

Among Atwood’s numerous accomplishments during his six years as president were the publication of Adoption Factbook IV, NCFA’s comprehensive and authoritative reference on adoption policy and practice, and the Adoption Advocate, a series of policy briefs on
adoption. Atwood testified before Congress (five times) and before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Recent citations include USA Today, the Associated Press, and the Washington Post
among hundreds of other citations in national and international media. Under his leadership, NCFA launched three web-based public information programs, developed the Infant Adoption Revival Project and Families For All Project to help children in foster are, and advanced a global culture of adoption through international advocacy in nine countries. He also co-authored
with Jayne Schooler The Whole Life Adoption Book (in its third printing).

“It has been a privilege for me to lead the NCFA team during
these six years of growth and accomplishment,” said Atwood. “I look forward to a bright future for NCFA as it continues its
important work.” Chuck Johnson, chief operating officer and vice president of training and agency services, will assume management responsibilities. “The board will be looking for a dynamic leaderwith great management and administration skills and the vision to take NCFA to the next level as the nation’s leading adoption and child welfare advocate and authority,” Swim said.

# # #

Since 1980, NCFA has been a leading voice among national adoption
and child welfare organizations. NCFA is a research, education, and advocacy nonprofit that provides adoption information, promotes ethical adoption practices, informs public policy and opinion about adoption issues, and serves as a resource for women with unplanned pregnancies, adopted persons and their families, those seeking to adopt, and adoption professionals.

Photos by Bastardette


  1. Are you aware there is a Yes on 8 ad under your Nietzsche quotes?

    It seems like someone who is subject to the same kind of separate but “equal” discrimination, would be a bit more sympathetic.

    Guess not

  2. All I see are ads for Shop NBC and eBay. What’s Yes for 8? Is that the marriage crap in California by any chance? If so all “marriage” should be banned. Marriage is a contract not a function of the state.

  3. Yeah, it didn’t sound like you to have “Yes on 8, Protect Marriage” adverts on your blog. The computer is probably generating ads specifically targeted to regions of ISPs, damn clever computer.

    It is still there on my screen.

  4. I got a fundraising appeal letter last week from the RNC on Sarah Palin’s stationery. I wrote a her nice note wishing her and her family a safe ride back to Wasilla on the Greyhound on November 5th and added lots of happy faces and sent it back in the prepaid postage remit envelope.

    I don’t see the Prop 8 ads cuz I’m in Oregon. We get ads for nutria cookbooks and powdered flapjack mix. I bet the field director of Obama campaign that O would carry Oregon by 15 pts back in July, looks like I’m gonna be drinking for free tomorrow night…

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