Corona Baby: Dump That Pandemic Baby Now!

Exhausted by Corona Virus, social distancing, masks, Trump-tweets, locked down beauty salons, restaurants beaches and bars? Gun-toting cosplayers demanding to practice their Constitutional right to make you sick? Murdered for being Black? Cop riots? And now you’ve got a cranky new baby on your hands. Never fear! There is a solution. Baby Safe Haven. Continue Reading →

Build It and They Will Come: California’s Safe Haven Epidemic

Remember when “safe haven” do-gooders assured the world that “safe haven” legalized baby dumping, would be “rare?” According to the June 30 Lodi News article, Mother safely, legally abandoned baby at Lodi Memorial that “rare” instance has reached epidemic proportion in California. Since the law went into effect in 2001, 348 newborns had been dumped anonymously on the state for their own good by parents who love their babies so much they’ll kill them if they can’t drop them on an ER counter with no shame, no blame, no name or molestation by pesky cops and courts. This article and a TV report from KCRA-TV , Mom: I can’t afford to raise baby give us some random stats for the state: San Joaquin County: 282001 statewide: 22009 statewide: 521st quarter 2010 statewide: 16The LA Times reported on July 6 in Mother surrenders newborn son at ER in Glendale, that since 2002, 79 newborns have been “saved” in LA County. Deanne Tilton Durfee, executive director of the Los Angeles Inter-Agency Council, waxed poetic about the Glendale dump: The word needs to be out there that there is a recourse, there is a resource. What next? Baby Safe Haven Rap? As for Continue Reading →


Yesterday morning, Bastardette received a long comment from the ubiquitous Anonymous taking her to task over AB 372 which “with a little more fine tuning, will give access to over 99% of adoptees.” Doncha love hyperbole? It is way too long to respond to as a comment, so I’m putting it up here as a separate entry. It’s like a big circle jerk. I have no idea why I’m doing this other than to show you what we’ve been dealing with over the last few weeks with the CARESTAS. Anonymous’ comments are in bold, mine not. Anything that was quoted from the original post is noted as from me. I had some trouble with cutting and pasting and fonts, but I think it’s OK now. Enjoy! Why do you and all the negative people look at everything as “the glass is half empty”. Is that the way you live your life. It’s sad. This bill is very good and with a little more fine tuning, will give access to over 99% of adoptees. Why do you keep whining about current language when you full well know it will be tweaked ( its only on its 3rd round). Is it because Continue Reading →


Below is Bastard Nation’s testimony in against AB 372. It was submitted last week for today’s haering. You can read the official legislative analysis of the bill here. (It’s not very good.) Note that CARE has no certified proponents except it\self and the bill has no co-sponsors. WRITTEN TESTIMONY IN OPPOSITION TO AB 372 ACCESS TO ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATES FOR ADULT ADOPTEES Assembly Judiciary Committee, April 28, 2008 Submitted April 21, 2009 POSITION: OPPOSE Honorable Members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee: Below is our submitted testimony on AB 372: Bastard Nation: the Adoptee Rights Organization advocates for the full human and civil rights of adult adoptees. We believe people everywhere have a right to their unaltered and unfalsifed birth records. This means opening government documents pertaining to the adoptee’s historical, genetic, and legal identity, including the unaltered original birth certificate (obc) and adoption decree. Our membership includes adopted adults and first and adoptive parents. We have substantial membership in California. BN was behind the 1998 Oregon Ballot Measure 58 which restored the right of the state’s adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates. In 2000 Bastard Nation sponsored legislation in Alabama which restored access there. In 2004 we worked Continue Reading →


I’m back from the AAC and catching up. In the meantime… CalOpen reminds us that we can LISTEN LIVE to the Assembly Judiciary Hearing on AB 273 from our computers. You will need Windows Media Player, to listen. Scroll down and click on: “Assembly Audio Session and Committee Hearings”. At the top of the next window, click on: “Committee Room List”. On the side of the chart marked Assembly, click on: “Committee Room 444” CalOpen and other opposition to the bill will be there to support its defeat. Go to CalOpen for more information. Also see BB Church’s Funhouse. ADDENDA: The time of the hearing keeps changing. 11 AM; 12 Noon, “afternoon.” How appropriate! Just keep on checking. AB 372 is one of several bills being heard today. BN’s submitted testimony will be posted here and on the BN page later today. I don’t want to put it up before the hearing for any CARing person to read. It’s obvious what we’ll say, but why let them read it ahead of time?


This just in from CalOpen: Leg Counsel announced by e-mail at 4:29 this morning that the hearing date has been moved forward to Monday the 27th. Tuesday, April 21st, 2009Hearing Date Moved forward to Monday, April 27th. I telephoned the Judiciary Committee and learned: – Confirmed Hearing date of Monday, April 27th– Commencement of hearing upon adjournment of floor session.(Time to be announced on Thursday the 23rd, at floor session, probably noon)– Confirmed TODAY’s 5 PM deadline for submission of letters into the official analysis still holds, regardless of the premature hearing date.