Just got the National Adoption Awareness Month newsletter which includes: Your Unplanned Pregnancy: You Have Options.

We wonder what those options might be since the article is written under the aegis of National Adoption Awareness Month, is sponsored by Bethany Christian Services, doesn’t mention abortion or keeping, and is followed by a group listing of squeaky smiling multi-cultural paps on the prowl.

Thanks to all for the bronchitis tips! I’m feeling much better, and am making a public vow to post a blog each day, no matter how stupid, for our celebratory month.

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  1. That begs for a NaBloPoMo name with some kind of adoption twist. Sorry you’ve been under the weather. I haven’t forgotten about my Bastard Nation membership. Just a bunch of unexpected bills. DD and my brother, whose cell phones I finance, are clearly not on the correct plans and I’m sooo paying through the nose.

    Speaking of our special month, did this as a lead-up to Orphan Sunday.

  2. I find that the amount of advertising out there about adoption is disgusting. However, I also found my daughter on their “database” deal.

    That does not excuse their bs and their eternal excusing of their theivery.

  3. So glad you are better, Miz Marley. Did you take a toddy? Mothers will be wearing the red, black and white ribbons this month.

    BTW, I HATE the time changes. DST goes against Nature and you know what I think of that.

    If I see one more precious adoption ad, I promise to hurl on the nearest agency employee.

  4. To answer Barb, I stupidly lost my ATM card someplace in my house. I’m waiting for the new card to arrive . In the meantime, I have no access to money or anything. As soon as it arrives I plan to head for the corner liquor store (they don’t take checks) and imbibe. I received a similar concoction from someone else who swears by it, too. I’m much better, but still cough at night.

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