OHIO: Stephanie Bennett Update

Stephanie Bennett went back to court a few days ago. Musing Mother has an account.

Here’s a snip:

This morning Stephanie went to court. Apparently, Todd Kolarik decided that he couldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t sleep with one of the sisters, so he went too. He had the nerve in court, to call Stephanie Bennett a liar. This from the man who is the attorney for the agency that has no less than 40 violations including Child Endangerment! This from the man who can lie in court and not blink an eyelash! In a way, though, it turned out to be a good thing, since it allowed Jennifer the opportunity to mention the a)polygraph test that Stephanie passed and b) the DNA tests that they are waiting for the results from. Oddly, Todd Kolarik had forgotten to mention those things. Hmmm is there such a thing in the law as lying by omission? There was at our house.

The Ohio Jobs and Family Services’ hearing on a Child’s Waiting is scheduled fr a 3-week run starting June 2. I plan to attend most if not all of them. Bobby Cutts’s murder trial didn’t take that long!

I wonder what Evelyn’s paps think about this. Would they buy a used car from ACW after this?

2 Replies to “OHIO: Stephanie Bennett Update”

  1. Stephanie,

    deserves an appeal and if any one has been coerced it is this young woman.

    From the high school counselor, to the agency that convinced her to go across state lines, without letting her parents know that she was doing this, if this was such a good thing why did they tell her to do it without her parents knowing, to the older man who took advantage of her sexually and threatening her if she did not get rid of baby something might happen.

    South Carolina’s Supreme court just overturned an adoption due to coercion if this isn’t coercion I don’t know what is.

    thinking about the DoBoers, who wouldn’t give the baby back but then court ordered them to, then there was Evan who was given back to his father. It happens and with a little luck the time this young woman has suffered will be over soon. And her baby will be home…where she belongs.

  2. Thanks for featuring this case. It breaks my heart to think of Stephanie and her parents and how they are missing Evelyn. To me, the entire circumstances around this case are barbaric. Let’s hope for success. Those of us from the BSE who were threatened and coerced, daily, can really relate to Stephanie.

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