New BN Policy Paper: “Integrated Birth Certificates.” Why Bastard Nation Opposes Them

Part of my job at Bastard Nation (I don’t get paid–we are all-volunteer gang ) is to develop policy.  Tonight I’m happy to announce that our new policy paper “Integrated Birth Certificates.” Why Bastard Nation Opposes Them is up and running.

The “integrated birth certificate is a relatively new idea being floated, and it is a terrible idea as you will; see. We opposed an IBC bill in Maine,last year that went down in flames with diverse stakeholders scuttling it.

Please go over to Policy Papers/Bastard Bytes and take a look at it and other policy papers and a variety of other ideas of interest.  Also, check out our comments to the Uniform Law Commission regarding the Unregulated Transfer of Children Act draft.  I’m an “observer” to the ‘proceedings. It makes me glad I never pursued my deluded high school dream of a career in law.

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