Living Adoption: Life-long issues in the Birth Parent Experience: Redux

The Columbus Dispatch ran a pretty clueless article–For Some Parents, Struggle over Adoption is Never Ending,  on yesterday’s event at Camp Mary Onrton sponsored by the Ohio Birth Parent Grup  (see blog directly below this.

I’m not famliar with reporter Bill Bush, but I think the event wojuld have much better served if Rita Price had covered it.  I’ve worked with Rita before, and she knows her aodption business.

Anyway, Bush emphasized, victimization and sensationalizatin, something that sells papers, but not adoption reality, and makes those of us in adoption look like victims, not fiighters  Please post comments on the Dispatch website if you wre there or write a letter to the editor..

I’m posoting something ,but not tonight  I’m still sick and going back to bed.

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