Ethica: A Voice for Ethical Adoption has announced the resignation of founder and president Trish Maskew. This fall Maskew will take a position with the US Department of Justice Office of Immigration Litigation. Current vice president and director of domestic policy Melissa Griebel will take over as president on June 20.

Trish has the funny idea that adoption should be ethical. She and Ethica are long-time friends of Bastard Nation and support and promotes the right of all adoptees to obtain their own original birth certificates. One of my fondest memories of Trish is the evening a few years ago that friends and I spent with her at Passage to India in Bethesda where we enjoyed fine food, fine drink, fine talk and a depressing fast and dirty education on the state of international adoption.

From Ethica’s press release (see front homepage):

“In the past five years I’ve seen the adoption community progress towards recognizing and openly discussing the problems that can arise in domestic and international adoption, and begin working to improve accountability and transparency in the process,” Maskew said. “While there is still much work to be done in assuring that adoption always puts the needs of the child first, progress has been made.”

We wish Trish the best as she moves into DOJ. And the best to Melissa, too. You both have a big job ahead of you!


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