I’m working on another piece and won’t comment on this right now. The video, released by Haitian authorities, shows them interrogating Silsby & Co. Many of the children are crying for their mothers and want to go home, while Laura Silsby tries to explain her “good intentions” Silsby, unlike, the public persona she has carefully crafted, is shaken. The article accompanying the video is here.

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The page also features a February 5 CBS video of a “sincere” Silsby proclaiming the group meant no disrespect to the Haitian government and had done “nothing wrong.” You may have already seen it, but it’s worth archiving.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

On a sidenote, The Idaho Statesman this morning published more on Laura Silsby’s financial your-check-is-in-the-mail woes. (Yes, there are more than what we already heard about!) Laura Silsby’s business couldn’t pay rent, taxes. BTW, the company’s Better Business Bureau accreditation “expired” on February 4, 2010. No doubt!

And, how have I forgetten this? Personalshoppper.com was promising matching funds up to $50,000 for various children’s and school projects. I can’t get the URL to work as a direct link, but you can cut and paste this: http://www.personalshopper.com/jsp/kcl/what_others_are_saying.jsp


  1. oh one more thing her personal shopper page doesn’t work either.

    looks like one big, loving, Christian, baby selling scammer who doesn’t have the big backing of an agency…to fund her with a lawyer when SHE did get caught.

    This is what adoption is…scammers.

  2. I just got the page. Try again. It wouldn’t surprise me, though if it does go down. What’s left of her employees were told to work from home to avoid the press. bwwwaaa Her COO has scrubbed her resume on Linkedin of any reference to PS. I don’t blame her. I wonder if Silsby realizes she’s the most disliked woman in the world right now I swear she’s been possessed by my former employer, who at least had the decency to only scew with his immediate family, acquaintances, and creditors, not an entire country.

  3. These people need to rot and rot and rot. And there are more from where they came from. They knew exactly what they were doing Their plan was laid out, published, and they signed on to it. Jim Allen has pulled out the big guns which is what I’ve been trying go write about today, but am not finished. Money talks, and in this case, bullshit may walk right out of Haiti.

  4. Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime, they will get their due, BD. What goes around comes around and this scam will be fresh in the minds of many for a long time.

    You can be certain of one thing..they will not return to unilateral acclaim. It would be best for them to sip into the country quietly.

    I am crying after reading about and seeing these children crying for their mothers. If I could communicate with the Haitian parents who were taken in by this scam of promises for a better life for their children, I would tell you what my daughter said to me, once. “I would rather have struggled with you than lived in luxury without you.

    Silsby is a con-artist, and not a very good one, at that.

  5. She didn’t know their rules? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

    These kids are so traumatized. Can you imagine them being adopted into white American families under this stress? Who would they be returned to when it didn’t work out?

    Given the devastation, I almost can understand a parent thinking the child would have a better opportunity if they were taken to the D.R. But I wonder how many thought they were losing their kids forever.

  6. The magnitude of what Silsby has done stretches waaaaaay beyond the attempted kidnapping of those kids. I can’t remember which newspaper I read it in yesterday – NYTimes or Washington Post, I think, but there were children who needed medical evacuations who did not receive them and subsequently died, because the Haitian goverment now requires documentation (birth certificates, identification papers)that many parents cannot provide, in order to leave the country. After reading that, I have to confess, I did hope that her God will take mercy on her soul.


  7. The fundies aren’t going to let their own get martyred in some Satanic voodoo hellhole, no sirree. They’ll even lift Hillary’s tail and kiss serious booty to get the ten released while most folks haven’t had a very close look at what they were doing.

    If you have any pull with a Congressperson, now’s the time to start asking for some hearing on this. just don’t expect justice.

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