Adopt Me: Adopt a Turkey

CNN reported At Thanksgiving, Some adopt a turkey rather than eating one.

Like in any proper adoption, volunteers must pass a screening process. Although it’s not a requirement, a majority of them are vegetarians or vegans. The individuals must have an adequate facility to care for the bird, such as a barn or a sizable yard. The organization prefers adoptive “parents” who don’t have other domestic animals or children who might chase turkeys.

The nonprofit will deliver the turkey to the adoptive homes.

In fact, it seems that adopting a turkey is more humane and professional than our current adoption process:

From the Adopt-a-Turkey Project we find more (my emphasis):

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has rescued more than 1,000 turkeys, placed hundreds into loving homes through our annual Turkey Express adoption event, educated millions of people about their plight, and provided resources for a cruelty-free holiday. For a one-time $30 donation, anyone can sponsor turkeys residing at Farm Sanctuary. Sponsor a turkey and receive a special adoption certificate in your name – or give sponsorships as gifts for family and friends. Donations are also needed to support our lifesaving efforts to promote a compassionate Thanksgiving and protect all farm animals.
Of course, if adoption agencies offered child sponsorship in place of anonymizig, they’d go out of business soon enough.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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4 Replies to “Adopt Me: Adopt a Turkey”

  1. Good grief, do we have to “adopt” everything? Can’t people just clean highways, rescue animals, and “sponsor” other projects? Why does everything have to be “adopted?”


  2. Turkeys are food. They make lousy pets. Should they be cruelly factory farmed? No, of course not. But that does not make them pets either. Sure, “adopt” them in sense of sponsoring them living on a humane farm, but it is misleading to suggest that you can keep one in your backyard. They are nasty birds.

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