Well, it’s the last day of the year–or thereabouts–and (surprise!) there’s a lot of things Bastardette didn’t’ get around to writing about. Below are a few thoughts, in no special order, on some of them. A MEETING OF THE MINDS: THE EVAN B. DONALDSON RECORDS CONCLAVE: On December 10 I attended the EB Donaldson’s “conclave” of adoption reform organizations and individual activists in New York City. My critical comments on the EBD report, For the Records: the Restoration of a Right, are published in the Daily Bastardette (November 15, 2007)and in the Bastard Quarterly. I haven’t changed my mind. If anything, I am more critical than I was two months ago. The real importance of the report as far as I’m concerned has been the publicity generated by it and the public discourse that followed. Claud has written a good overall account of the meeting which I recommend you read. I’ll just add a few comments. As a grassroots activist I had my doubts about the meeting. We don’t need no suits! And as the bad guy of records access–the one who won’t take compromise for an answer–I was pretty sure I’d be the minority voice. What fun! I Continue Reading →