National Adoption Awareness Month: Shilling for Adoption

Today the adoption industry  launches the 2011 edition of  National Adoption Awareness Month. (NAAM) Bastardette knows you’ve been looking forward to this great event as much as she has. Coincidentally,  today also marks the first day of November NaBloPoMo . No, that’s not an unspeakable sex act.  It’s the November edition of National Blog  Posting Month, a blog ritual for over-zealous bloggers  who promise to blog every day on a designated  topic each month.  Topics that only the most abstract students of 19th century British literature can appreciate fully, such as “return” and “between,”  November, however is  the open month, which means we can choose our own bloviation.  My subject, naturally is adoption. I successfully completed the 2009 November NaBloPoMo none the worse for wear but full of wonderment that I succeeded. . You’d be surprised, though,  at the topics that  land in your brain when you are desperate to cross the finish line. 2010  November NaBloPoMo was more difficult.. I finished exhausted, but finished. This year, due to my summer hiatus I feel up to it–so far. There is so much to write about that surely I can fill up 30 days as easily as filling up water balloon Continue Reading →