For Once! A Good NAAM Video

I had to work all day today, and following form am too tired to do much tonight. (Try counting 48 drawers of Victoria ‘s Secret bras and see how you feel!.) To expedite blogging tonight, then, I decided to post some obnoxious NAAM video off of YouTube. And there are plenty. Instead I’m posting a video made last year by our friend Kevin Ost Vollmers from Land of Gazillion Adoptees. I don’t now how I missed this a year ago, but Kevin has some important things to say about Korean adoptions,adoptees, and first parents especially for “our” month..   End  South Korean Intercountry Adoption. (I know Kvin’s last name is hyphenated, but my hyphen key  won’t budge.)

Adam Pertman Joins the Ranks of the Angry Adoption Professional

In my last blog I brought up the growing phenomenon of The Angry Adoption Professional, those sad souls  whose authority is displaced  and downsized when Class Bastard takes control of its own personal and political  destiny free of pathology and professional victimization.   The Angry Adoption Professional however,  is never far away,  clucking its tongue  over Class Bastard’s  inability to accede to professional expertise.  Who knows more about adoption than adoption paper pushers and their auxiliaries in the legislature, church, and medicine? These experts  show up at hearings and “professional” conferences and  write books and articles in journals nobody reads, promoting their “professionalism” and lecturing how adoptees (or their bio and even adoptive parents) are just too klutzy, uneducated, and  inexperienced (and no doubt ungrateful)  to handle adoption issues without their.oversight. We only want to help. . In consumerist terms this means, we need  the  trained steady hand of the “expert” to “negotiate” the alleged twists and turns  inherent in  the adoption triad or constellation or whatever fancy label de jour they like. Moreover, genuine adoptee rights such as original birth certificate access–or as we shall see, adoptee deportation– that require political action and thought are seldom mentioned in their personal vocational narrative unless they want to look au courant or empathetic, or they Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on the "Angry Adoptee:" Gazillion Adoptees v JCIC$

I’ve been away for more than a month.  I’ve lost all track of time.  No matter. April was the worse month of my entire life. Just when you think things get any more abysmal, the crevice opens deeper.  Maybe I’ll write about it; maybe not.  I can make it adoption related to make it palpable. I’m trying to get back to “normal” whatever that is. Last we heard from our friend Kevin Ost-Vollmers,in the Land of a Gazillion Adoptees, he was engaged in a dialogue with the Congressional Coalition.  That was ” bad” enough, but it gets worse.  It must be something about April. Land of a Gaiilion Adoptees: Kevin and Bert getting ready to kick it On April18, Kevin and  “Rockstar Vietnamese adoptee” Bert  Ballard, Assistant Professor of Communications at Pepperdine University, went to New York to give a presentation, Adoptees and Agencies:  Undiscovered Allies or Estranged Bedfellows,  before a JCIC$ symposium–to educate  (for want of a better word) this specific set of adoptacrats about adoptees.   JCIC$ is as interested in the international post-production product it markets as it is in the proposition that  9/11 was an inside job.How these bastard gods got the password to the sanctum Continue Reading →

BULLETIN from the Land of a Gazillion Adoptees! Contact the Congressional Coalition Today!

 Just received this  bulletin  from Kevin Ost-Vollmers, the Land of a Thousand Adoptees, regarding the bureaucratic silencing of of adoptees and first parents by the US Senate Foreign Relations/Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute. Of course, none of this should be surprising.  Adopted people and their first parents–the alleged beneficiaries of adoption policy, laws, and international agreements– don’t count. From past experience it takes a crowbar to break into federal and state) adoption roundtables, hearings,  and inquiries unless you are an adoption agency or represent an adoptive parent organization–and usually the latter aren’t even welcome.   I am shooting off a short email to Kathleen Strottman right now and will post it later today.  In the meantime, read Kevin’s alert and send Strottman an email. Adoptees are not silent pawns. We won’t shut up.    Thursday, February 16th the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and CCAI will host a roundtable on intercountry adoption. The voices of adoptees and first parents will not be at the table or solicited. Update: The initial post said February 14th.  The roundtable will be help on February 16th. It has come to the attention of Land of Gazillion Adoptees that the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), along Continue Reading →