Adam Pertman Joins the Ranks of the Angry Adoption Professional

In my last blog I brought up the growing phenomenon of The Angry Adoption Professional, those sad souls  whose authority is displaced  and downsized when Class Bastard takes control of its own personal and political  destiny free of pathology and professional victimization.   The Angry Adoption Professional however,  is never far away,  clucking its tongue  over Class Bastard’s  inability to accede to professional expertise.  Who knows more about adoption than adoption paper pushers and their auxiliaries in the legislature, church, and medicine? These experts  show up at hearings and “professional” conferences and  write books and articles in journals nobody reads, promoting their “professionalism” and lecturing how adoptees (or their bio and even adoptive parents) are just too klutzy, uneducated, and  inexperienced (and no doubt ungrateful)  to handle adoption issues without their.oversight. We only want to help. . In consumerist terms this means, we need  the  trained steady hand of the “expert” to “negotiate” the alleged twists and turns  inherent in  the adoption triad or constellation or whatever fancy label de jour they like. Moreover, genuine adoptee rights such as original birth certificate access–or as we shall see, adoptee deportation– that require political action and thought are seldom mentioned in their personal vocational narrative unless they want to look au courant or empathetic, or they Continue Reading →