The other day I got an email from the National Council for Adoption announcing its new and improved website. Sort of a launch into its 30th anniversary celebration capped off in July by its annual conference (Note to Chuck Johnson: I’ll be there. I promise to behave if you promise to keep adoption attachment whacko Karyn Purvis from speaking again–and please–no baby massage this time!) The conference is followed in November by The Bow Tie and Pearls gala at the Willard where the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute will be given NCFA’s Friend of Adoption Award. I can already hear Dr. Pierce jumping on heaven’s trapdoor over that one. Me, too. The website announcement included this curious greeting from NCFA’s acting CEO Chuck Johnson: Whether you are a birthparent, an adoptive family, adoption agency, a representative of the government, the media, or you are simply a person interested in adoption, you will know exactly where to click to find the information you’re looking for.” –Chuck Johnson, NCFA vice president and chief operating officer Thank you Chuck for admitting finally that after 30 years of posturing to the contrary, NCFA, offers nothing to bastards and adoptees. (“Birthmothers” will have to take Continue Reading →