Happy Father’s Day to My Three Dads!

On this Fathers Day, I’m posting some pictures of  my three dads (in chronological order) I still can’t find my pictures of Jack, but I do have a few. . I’ve got lots of pictures of my adoptive dad, Charlie  and one of Mama Dot’s husband Jack. Ahey were  fine men and I miss them all. In 2005 I wrote a Fathers Day piece My Two Dads for both of them.   My  memorial to Jack is here. ****** JACK REESE, August 16, 1927 –  December 28, 2010 Jack in preppy drag, c 1947 Jack about 2008 The man’s man until the end CHARLIE GREINER, September 2, 1912 – August 24, 1977 Baby Charles c early 1913 Baby Charles, Grandmother Del Campbell Greiner, brother Hiram Boone Baby Charles and Lemmie Salem Jr High School, c 1924 Seriously dorky picture, Culver Summer School, 1929 New York Military Academy, 1931 The night they raided Minsky’s? Life before me  Didn’t everybody have a family bar? Was this in the home study? Life with me.  Warren, Ohio BOB CAMPBELL, July 28, 1924 – November 19, 1997 Bob as I knew him.  A good man