I’m back from the AAC and catching up. In the meantime…

CalOpen reminds us that we can LISTEN LIVE to the Assembly Judiciary Hearing on AB 273 from our computers.

You will need Windows Media Player, to listen.

Scroll down and click on: “Assembly Audio Session and Committee Hearings”.

At the top of the next window, click on: “Committee Room List”. On the side of the chart marked Assembly, click on: “Committee Room 444”

CalOpen and other opposition to the bill will be there to support its defeat.

Go to CalOpen for more information. Also see BB Church’s Funhouse.

ADDENDA: The time of the hearing keeps changing. 11 AM; 12 Noon, “afternoon.” How appropriate! Just keep on checking. AB 372 is one of several bills being heard today.

BN’s submitted testimony will be posted here and on the BN page later today. I don’t want to put it up before the hearing for any CARing person to read. It’s obvious what we’ll say, but why let them read it ahead of time?


  1. Hi Marley,

    Here’s what I just sent Fiona Ma regarding her latest amendments to AB 372:

    Dear Assemblymember Ma:

    Your latest version of AB 372 (now known by adoptees around the country as “CARE’s Birthmother Privacy Bill), has made it so that I can get my original birth certificate if my biological parents are confirmed dead?

    How is the State of California going to confirm my biological father’s death when he cannot be located? I don’t want a copy of my original birth certificate without his name on it! It’s my biological history and my right to have that document complete and unaltered. I already have an altered and amended birth certificate!

    You are seriously confusing reunion with records. Reunions are already happening without birth certificates. They aren’t needed for reunions. A gentle phone call from an adoptee is a lot better than a certified letter from the state. Your idea to send this to the “best address” (which is probably 30 years old) is ridiculous. A lot of names will be redacted and a lot more birth certificates will remain sealed.

    AB 372 does NOTHING to help adoptees get what is rightfully theirs. We want what every non-adopted citizen in this country has: our original birth certificates. Nothing more, nothing less. Equal rights for all citizens of this country.

    Please kill AB 372 and write a REAL reform bill modeled after Oregon’s.

  2. You’re welcome.

    I think, though, that it’s important to remember that this is a birthmother privacy bill in quotes only.

    As I’ve written before, this is an industry protection bill hiding itself under the skirts of moms. It’s just more exploitation of women.

    How anyone with an ounce of integrity continues to support this abomination is incomprensible and calls into question the trustworthyness of “friends.” It’s just more of the same old same old. Shame on them.

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