Bastardette’s 7th Anniversary: The more things change the more they stay the same

Tuesday marked  the 7th anniversary of the Daily Bastardette.  To be honest, I’m surprised. I started Bastardette as a little experiment not expecting her  to go very far. In fact, the big reason I started her was that a techie bastard, whose name escapes me now, suggested I blog since webpages were”obsolete” and blogs were “the way to go.” I was also curious to see if anyone would read her. I was astounded when I had 100 hits.  As of this writing, I’ve had  almost 350,000 hits. I’m still astounded.  One of my first blogs, Abandoning your Baby: It’s such a simple thing to do, was about California’s godfather of baby dumping., LA County Supervisor, Don Knabe.  Supervisor Knabe had complained  to the press that not enough mothers were anonymously dropping off newborns at their neighborhood fire stations.. “It;’s such a simple thing to do,” he bemoaned. Nothing has changed.  The other day .Missouri politicians, complained that something had to be done to save more ‘newborns” (the state’s “safe haven law” has two tiers so babies up to a year old can be dumped with different parental “legal defenses.”)  The solution to this dire non-problem, according to them and their Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary Alt. Adoption Facebook!

November 1 marks the first anniversary of the Facebook version of the infamous alt adoption: the birthplace of Bastard Nation and adoption meanness. If you haven’t signed on to AAFB go here. No moderation, no censorship, no lockdown. Thanks to Deer Watson for making it happen. And of course, a very special thanks to Christopher Walken who is always there when we need him.


Arg! Bastardette has come down with a second malady (the bronchitis is much better) which is too painful to discuss. So painful, that we’re not getting anything original posted tonight, though we tried. But to keep my vow to post every day this month, here’s a reminder: if you have a Facebook account go on over and join alt.adoption for the best damn discussion I’ve seen in a long time. All the cool bastards are there. And remember, unlike every other adoption board we know of, outside of BN’s BEST members list, it’s NOT moderated. But if you whine, don’t expect to be coddled. As a bonus, Damsel Plum…our very own Damsel, Damzy, Damozon, Damzarella posted this link over there of our heroic role models: Gallery of Heroic Adoptee and Bastard Legends Thanks Damzy-Wamzy! Hopefully, I’ll be better tomorrow.


Welcome to the 10th annual National Adoption Awareness celebration! The Bad Kitties and I have donned our party hats waiting for the midnight bong–er we mean gong–to start this wonderful month of lollipops and roses, cotton candy and angels wings, and back patting and pious press clips. We note that according to the National Adoption Awareness Month Calendar we are to: get together with a birth mother you know and discuss your stories. ERK! How about a discussion with Nancy Effay! Yes, our favorite adoptress, the legendary Nancy Effay of alt.adoption fame, has returned after a too-long hiatus. For the last several years Mrs Effay has dedicated herself to stay-at-home service, including raising her adoptlings, Nixon and Nelson, and providing the frisky Mr. Effay with wholesome Presbyterian sex the third Thursday of each month. Mrs. Effay returned recently to the public fora via Facebook where her Farm Town friends plow her (except on the third Thursday of each month) and she spreads her wit and good cheer amongst the adopted and their “birth” kin. Things like: If God wanted you to search for your “birth family” – why do you think HE closed adoption records and made your “family” so Continue Reading →