Welcome to the 10th annual National Adoption Awareness celebration! The Bad Kitties and I have donned our party hats waiting for the midnight bong–er we mean gong–to start this wonderful month of lollipops and roses, cotton candy and angels wings, and back patting and pious press clips. We note that according to the National Adoption Awareness Month Calendar we are to: get together with a birth mother you know and discuss your stories. ERK! How about a discussion with Nancy Effay! Yes, our favorite adoptress, the legendary Nancy Effay of alt.adoption fame, has returned after a too-long hiatus. For the last several years Mrs Effay has dedicated herself to stay-at-home service, including raising her adoptlings, Nixon and Nelson, and providing the frisky Mr. Effay with wholesome Presbyterian sex the third Thursday of each month. Mrs. Effay returned recently to the public fora via Facebook where her Farm Town friends plow her (except on the third Thursday of each month) and she spreads her wit and good cheer amongst the adopted and their “birth” kin. Things like: If God wanted you to search for your “birth family” – why do you think HE closed adoption records and made your “family” so Continue Reading →