Arg! Bastardette has come down with a second malady (the bronchitis is much better) which is too painful to discuss. So painful, that we’re not getting anything original posted tonight, though we tried.

But to keep my vow to post every day this month, here’s a reminder: if you have a Facebook account go on over and join alt.adoption for the best damn discussion I’ve seen in a long time. All the cool bastards are there. And remember, unlike every other adoption board we know of, outside of BN’s BEST members list, it’s NOT moderated. But if you whine, don’t expect to be coddled.

As a bonus, Damsel Plum…our very own Damsel, Damzy, Damozon, Damzarella posted this link over there of our heroic role models: Gallery of Heroic Adoptee and Bastard Legends Thanks Damzy-Wamzy!

Hopefully, I’ll be better tomorrow.

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