Another Day in NAMville: Adoption creates opportunities. Adoption is beautiful.

The site regularly pimps adoption. This site wet-dreams over National Adoption Month. This site celebrates every new adoption story in the press, every infertility solved, every infant saved from the “abortion mill”  through the “adoption option.” This site sighs dreamiy with tales of reunion where 30, 40, 50 years or more have been spent in anger, grief, paper trails, official and unofficial lies, and legal wranglings. This site encourages vulnerable women to labor and bring forth children for other more responsible worthy people to take for their own. Continue Reading →

Adoptee Deportation: State-sponsored Adoptee Abuse

The vigil brought one thing home to me: Adoption is how adoptees live abstracted lives without context, beginnings, endings, or agency. The rules are made and played by patriarchy, church, and state with all their subsidiary isms, ideologies, and agendas. For the first time, viewing the vigil performances, I seriously considered–felt–what it is really like to be sent away, first via shuttling us down the adoption chute—then through a second shuttle through the state. Adoption is analogous to deportation. To exile. No matter what happens later, we never really have a home we can go home to–and certainly not by state force. No home is ever forever. Continue Reading →

More Information, More Questions in Troy Adopta Child Sex Assault Cases

 I’m posting this on both sites because of the national implications of the on-going investigation. Congratulations to the Dayton Daily News for the bang-up reporting it’s doing in the Kenneth Brandt child rape investigation.  I was concerned that coverage would be superficial, but  he Daily News has has stayed on top of things. (I’ve long been a fan of the Daily News’s dedication to actual journalism).  Today’s Child-rape case shows safeguards failed. is an important read.  The long feature contains new information on ACTION, Inc., child shuffling between Texas and Dayton, and Brandt himself.  It brings up the yet-to-be-answered question of whether Brandt was living off foster/adoption subsidies. (I’d love to know how the unlicensed insurance agent Brandt convinced ACTION, Inc that he actually had a job.)  I’m writing another project today that was due last week, and don’t’ have time today to comment much, but I wanted to get something up with a couple comments. There’s one disturbing piece from the piece I’ll point out here before I go for the day.  According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, in the last seven years “28 adopted children from the state (Texas) have been placed in homes Continue Reading →

Where the Action Is: ACTION, Inc idenfified as adoption agency in sex assault cases

I won’t be posting all of my blogs on the sexual assault cases against the adopted boys in Troy, Ohio, but I’m including this one here.  Go to Ohio Adoptee Searches for the whole collection. Well, it’s official!  The name of the Dayton, Ohio agency that handled the adoption of four children by accused adopta pedophile and trafficker Kenneth Brant has been published–ACTION, Inc;  full name:  Adopting Children Today Information/Option Network with the tagline. “dreams can come true,” A few days ago I  heard that ACTION, Inc was involved in the adoptions  but had no documentation and held back until there was verification.. It has now been reported by the Dayton Daily News.(Man used private Dayton adoption agency in alleged child rape, prostitution case) The Ohio Secretary of State’s business services section verifies that ACTION, Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit child placing agency in Ohio. It’s director is identified as Patricia A. Hill  from New Lebanon, a  Dayton suburb.  The agency itself  is located in a single family home at 6000 Philadelphia Drive, Dayton.  Hill’s name and home address in SOS documents matches a list of Ohio independent licensed social workers. (I am researching  Hill  and the agency’s staff Continue Reading →

More Details in Troy Adoption Pedo Case: Boys tell police assaults began shortly after coming to Ohio

I‘ve been covering this story on my Ohio Adoptee Searches blog.  Since the story has become a national and international story now,I  thought I’d bring it over here as well. Go over to OAS to see earlier blogs on the case. The pedo adoption story in Troy has hit the national media.  UPI,  CBS News, and Huffington Post  and even the London Daily Mail has picked it up, and I suspect more will follow. The Dayton Daily News, however, offers the most detailed coverage . This morning we have FBI to pursue charges against the men in child sex case. I won’t post the entire article here, but these are the highlights: —Kenneth Brandt, the adoptive father of the boys, is the former president of the Foster Parent Association of Miami County. —Brandt has a history of  “bringing children from Texas to Troy as supposed ‘foster children,’”(No details; currently under investigation.) — Quote   “We will be looking at the process (Brandt) was using to get the children into his custody,” said [Tim] Ferguson, [supervisory senior resident agent at the FBI’s Dayton office].adding that the FBI has not determined why the children were adopted or removed from Texas. —the fourth child Continue Reading →