More Details in Troy Adoption Pedo Case: Boys tell police assaults began shortly after coming to Ohio

I‘ve been covering this story on my Ohio Adoptee Searches blog.  Since the story has become a national and international story now,I  thought I’d bring it over here as well. Go over to OAS to see earlier blogs on the case.

The pedo adoption story in Troy has hit the national media.  UPI,  CBS News, and Huffington Post  and even the London Daily Mail has picked it up, and I suspect more will follow. The Dayton Daily News, however, offers the most detailed coverage . This morning we have FBI to pursue charges against the men in child sex case.

I won’t post the entire article here, but these are the highlights:

—Kenneth Brandt, the adoptive father of the boys, is the former president of the Foster Parent Association of Miami County.

—Brandt has a history of  “bringing children from Texas to Troy as supposed ‘foster children,’”(No details; currently under investigation.)

— Quote   “We will be looking at the process (Brandt) was using to get the children into his custody,” said [Tim] Ferguson, [supervisory senior resident agent at the FBI’s Dayton office].adding that the FBI has not determined why the children were adopted or removed from Texas.

—the fourth child in the home is a girl.  (It appears so far that she was not prostitutedo r assaulted).

—the 9-year old boy , whose adoption had not been finalized, was probably prostituted (various reports are unclear)

— Troy Police seized four laptops, a cellphone, iPod, printer, a flash drive, account ledgers, two wooden paddles and a video camera from Brandt’s home, according to the search warrant affidavit.

—Brandt is being held on $800,000 bond  in Miami County charged with three counts of rape and one count of felonious compelling prostitution.

—Jason Zwick is being held on $500,000 bond in Miami County on charge of rape.

—Patrick Rieder is being held with no bond  in Montgomery County and charged with four counts of rape

Other reports:
WDTN:  Kenneth Brandt is a 7-89th grade  Troy Basketball League, but police have no indication that Brandt engaged in “inappropriate conduct” with any of the boys.

WOIO:  the 10-year old boy was initially afraid to cooperate with police out of fear of being separated from the other children.  After being assured that they would  stay together he told authorities he had sexually assaulted by Brandt 2-3 times a week as as soon as he arrived from Texas. The 9-year old says the sexual assaults stated about two weeks after his arrival.

Here is Rieder’s online arrest record in the case.

Again, it is imperative that the media release the name of the adoption agency/agencies and foster care providers involved in the placement of these children. ODJFS is “investigating” and needs its feet held to fire on this one.  It’s gotten away too long with covering and slapping the wrists  “adoption professionals.”

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  1. After years of complaints and reports of foster care and adoption agencies. Please tell me there were charges filed? My guess is no one has been held accountable. 7 years later!

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