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Well, this is interesting!

In yesterday’s entry on the World Association for Children and Parents involvement in the Artem Saveliev case, posted directly below this, I wrote that WACAP is a member of the adoption trade association the National Council for Adoption. NCFA’s membership list, I noted, was not online when I checked right before posting. Actually, I was pretty sure I’d seen the roster a couple days earlier when NCFA’s new webpage was launched. It turns out I was right. The membership roster was online. THEN. And it is online. NOW. But not yesterday afternoon, when it appears that a NCFAnoid was busy scrubbing the site clean of WACAP membership.

Super sleuth and longtime NCFA watcher JoAnne Swanson took screen shots of the NCFA Washington State roster before and after the cleansing. (Click on the images below to make them larger). And if you don’t believe me, go to today’s NCFA membership site.



This doesn’t mean that WACAP (so far) is gone from NCFA, but that NCFA has sent if off the island to distance itself from their member. WACAP membership, as of this writing, is still posted on the JCICS site.

While we’re at it, we were greatly amused by NCFA’s press release on the Artem Saveliev/Artem Justin Hansen case; re: its statement on child abandonment (still not online):

“Child abandonment of any kind is reprehensible,” says Chuck Johnson, acting CEO of the National Council For Adoption. “The actions of this mother are especially troubling because an already vulnerable, innocent child has been further victimized.”

Oops! The country’s baby dumping “safe haven” laws, which let parents “legally abandon” newborns with no questions asked, were godfathered by NCFA’s founding president the late Bill Pierce while still at NCFA. I guess it’s different when its your own. Thanks for the great quote, Chuck! We’ll be using it.

Thanks to JoAnne Swanson for permission to post screenshots.

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  1. Heh-heh. How far down his throat do you think Johnson might be able to force that foot?

    One of the good things coming from the press this story has produced is that people without connections to adoption are trying to understand and asking questions. I had a “lively” and educational (for them) conversation with several neighbors while we were dog-walking. I mentioned my issue..EMS mothers…and your/our children’s issue..closed OBC’s…and I got some VERY supportive comments on both subjects.

    People are blithely unaware of this kind of crap until a story like this hits the media.

  2. Oh my, the dirty laundry of NCFA and the adoption industry is flapping in the breeze!:-) “out, out, damned spot…..”

    Abandonment is bad, except when it is good. Don’t they think what the adopter did in putting the kid on a plane was better than killing him and throwing him in a dumpster? Kind of a long-distance Safe Haven? Aren’t those the only two alternatives for an unwanted child? Alas, the logic breaks down badly, like most of NCFA’s babbling.

  3. Noticed the media has been all over this story but first saw it on DB. Great job!

    WACAP now has a statement on their website about the returned child. They cite because of laws of confidentiality they cannot provide additional info.

    Not surprised that the media is so outraged about what happened here with returning the child but why isn’t the media outraged about American adoptees being denied their OBCs?

    Or about our baby dump laws?

  4. Or about the child being interviewed by the media..see my blog.
    The only good thing to come out of this is the attention on adopters and the industry.

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