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Adoptee dumpers Torry Hansen and her mother Nancy finally bought a clue and a real lawyer–and then failed to show up for a sitdown Friday with Bedford County (TN) Sheriff Randall Boyce. Here’s the intro to a long article in Saturday’s Shelbyville Times-Gazette about his area’s international pariahs.

The mother and grandmother of a young adopted Russian boy sent by himself back to Moscow failed to make an appointment they had originally scheduled Friday to talk to Bedford County Sheriff Randall Boyce about the case.

Boyce told media representatives Friday that Torry Hansen would not be showing up at his department, but “may be here sometime next week.”

“She called and said her attorney didn’t think it was in her best interest at this point … mainly because of the media being here,” Boyce said.

Boyce told the press:

“This is an international deal … and we’re going to handle it a little bit at a time so we don’t make a mistake,” he said, adding that his department had never dealt with this kind of situation before.

Here is his interview:

Does Sheriff Boyce look like somebody who is flattered to chitchat with State Department and Russian Embassy officials? Does he look like somebody who enjoys a hundred media crews camping out in his town and chasing away “customers?” Does he appear to be somebody who will cut the Hansens slack?

I spent a couple years in South Georgia. Don’t judge these good ol’ boys by their cover.

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  1. To me, he looks pensive and uncomfortable with the media thrusting the mikes at him. He must be treading very carefully since he admits this is outside his experience. Sounds like a savvy guy to me.

  2. I think he is, too. And I bet he’s sizing up the situation quite well. Something like this is “unique” as he says and out of most law enforcement’s experience.He’s right in the middle of an international incident–not something the Sheriff of Bedford County TN expects to be in. I’m sure he’d much rather be out chasing down thieves and coke dealers as he says.

  3. “We don’t know IF any laws have been broken.” More like we don’t know WHAT laws have been broken. How about child endangerment, for starters..

    Lucky for Obama that the New Start Treaty was signed earlier in the week. These two Tenn. morons have created an international incident between two superpowers. Someone had better figure out WHICH laws have been broken, and act soon.

  4. @1:52 – nah, Laura Silsby would happily have shipped those kids off to any old family without regard for their ultimate satisfaction with their orphaned goods.


  5. Don’t judge these good ol’ boys by their cover.

    Certainly, but you gotta admit Central Casting couldn’t have found anyone who better looked the part of “smalltown Southern sheriff” … I wonder, did he get that Stetson with the press conference in mind? It looks new.

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