Race, Religion and Rescjue in Adoption Conference

While I’m not a big fan of adoption conferences (I’m working on a on piece on how, with few exceptions, they routinely disempower bastards and simply feed the egos and coffers of their sponsors), this one looks worthwhile  .

On October 18-20  2012, The Adoption Initiative in collaboration with Montclair State College is holding Bests Interests of the Child:  Race Religion, and Rescue in Adoption.

The schedule and list of speakers isn’t up yet, but the topic is timely and important to the never ending efforts to clean up adoption,

The Orphan Rescue movement such as Both Ends Burning has made it quite clear that adoption laws and ethics should not stand in the way of child rescue aka christian conversion and humanitarian neo-colonialism.  IMO, BEM and its ilk are the worse danger we face today.  How all this will be addressed in the conference, I don’t know. but I know I’d like to be there.  But can’t.

Here’s the information:

The 7th Biennial Adoption Conference

“Best Interests of the Child?”

Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption

October 18-20, 2012


Register here now: Conference Registration

Location: St. John’s University, Manhattan
For the latest information about the conference, visit this site or contact us via e-mail [email protected]


On a personal note, my job continues to eat up much of my time.  It’s not so much the job, but the hours and the travel time.  One day I start work at 2:30AM; the next day 9 PM.  Often I have to take a van ride of 2-3 hours or more each way to get to the job.. So, even a job that takes 5 hours to complete ends up as an 11 hour day.  Sleeping in the van on the way to and from plays havoc with a regular sleep–much less any other–schedule.  And don’t get me started  in the music my co-workers like blaring away on the road. .




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