Look out Esther! Here comes the Lipstick Baby Face Killer bastard.

While the City Sleeps, (1956, Fritz Lang) showing on Turner Classic as I write: John Drew Barrymore (Drew’s dad) plays Robert Manners, a leather clad psycho adoptee killer suffering from identity/gender bewilderment, clearly the fault of his dull-witted adoptive mother, Mae Marsh:

Robert : When you adopted me dad wanted a boy. You wanted a girl You got neither.

Mother Manners: You’re all the daughters and all the sons I never had.

Robert takes out his identity frustrations on good looking nice girls he meets on-the job as a drug store delivery boy.

Gee, where’s Congress? When will the do-gooders raise the boycott flag on this? Oh, that’s right. 20-year old men aren’t marketable.

Is there anything better than a psycho adoptee killer?

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  1. Osolomama- Marley is not a brat. She’s an adoptee rights activist and a good one, at that. I consider her an ally.

  2. I know that very well. That’s why I asked (*tongue planted firmly in cheek*) if she were that brat (whom I also know to be the Bad Seed).

    But see, she denied it.

    Boy nobody gets any sarcasm anywhere these days.

  3. Well, Osolomama- there are tensions in the AR camp and some people are fanning the flames for their own enjoyment.

  4. This really takes the cake,
    Most prolific child trafficker in Ontario Mr. Theodore Giesbrecht is about to become a Local Hero.

    Ted Giesbrecht, hatchet man of the dreaded Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (also known as Ontario Ministry of Commercial Utilisation of Children and Youth) wears many hats on his job. When one of over fifty Ontario’s Children’s Aid Societies gets in trouble and steals kids from a family with some political connections the “Ministry” dispatches Ted Giesbrecht disguised as an “Independent Director” nominated under CFSA to shove all the dirt under the carpet.
    When Ontario Liberals need cash, and they always need cash, the “Ministry” sells babies produced at “Ontario baby breeding farms” (Group Homes for Troubled Youth). To accomplish that delicate task the “Ministry” uses discrete services of Ted Giesbrecht and his Kitchener law firm to sell these babies, babies that were never registered (issued birth certificates) to wealthy clients who cannot be bothered with cumbersome “legal” adoption process. Once the deal is done, cash collected and passed on to Liberanos, and baby safely delivered to the “new mother” equally discrete midwife shows up at purchasers’ residence and issues Certificate of Live Birth to a “new” and often completely infertile “mother”.
    See: http://www.infertilitynetwork.org/files/Info_Kit_Adoption.pdf

    Over time Ted Giesbrecht developed his own stable of baby breeders; women with extensive CAS records who when they get pregnant bypass CAS and go directly to Ted to sell their bastard brood that local CAS would never let them keep anyway.
    See: http://www.birthmothersofcanada.org/index_files/Page663.htm

    Here; Ted Giesbrecht comes to the rescue.


    Saving Imagine Adoption

    Jul 31, 2009 04:30 AM
    Brian Caldwell
    Waterloo Region Record

    KITCHENER–Families are buoyed by a plan to try to save a bankrupt Cambridge adoption agency by bringing in new management.

    If successful, it would mean hundreds of clients who invested months of time and up to $20,000 would still be able to adopt children from overseas.

    Would-be parents were devastated when Kids Link International Adoption Agency, which operated as Imagine Adoption, collapsed July 14. But they left a Kitchener meeting in good spirits yesterday after about 200 creditors voted unanimously to pursue a restructuring effort outlined by bankruptcy trustees from BDO Dunwoody.

    “I’ve never seen so many people in one room agree on something so quickly,” said Ingrid Phaneuf of Etobicoke, who is trying to adopt an Ethiopian child. “It was fantastic.”

    Under the plan, about six people with the necessary expertise would take over the non-profit agency. The plan would require approval from the provincial government, which licenses international adoption organizations.

    Bankruptcy trustee Susan Taves said the plan will be explored and developed over the next two to four weeks to see if it can work.

    “I think it’s really probable – a high percentage of success here,” she said after the meeting.

    Companies, church groups, individuals and affected families have contacted trustees with offers to help salvage the agency.

    “This is a really unique file,” Taves said. “In 20 years of doing this work, I’ve never had people call and say they’ll give money to keep an organization going.”

    The effort also has an ally in Kitchener lawyer Ted Giesbrecht, who went to Ethiopia this month to ensure children at an agency transition home were properly cared for.

    Giesbrecht, who is working for free, said staff at the home – where children matched with Canadian families are housed – hadn’t been paid in six weeks.

    While helping to complete adoptions that had reached the matching stage, he also reduced expenses at the home from more than $50,000 to $17,000 a month.

    If the agency is restructured, Giesbrecht said, that will help stretch the money Imagine still had in the bank when it went bust….

  5. All these people who agreed want to save their investment, of $20,000 and get the babies they were promised!

    Adoption non profit I don’t for one minute believe that that is what adoption runs on profits and these people have already invested a nice chunk of money.

    now they expect the dividends to pay off in babies.

  6. Before I found out I’m adopted, I was led to believe I shared blood with the Barrymore line. My dad’s mother is somehow related to them all.

    Drew was the original family last name. They switched to Barrymore after immigrating here from Germany. I guess Drew sounded too Jewish for them. Funny thing is, the other half of their family retained using Weinman!

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