Oregon HB 2843 is Dead!: Measure 58 and Our Rights Prevail!

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Helen Hill posted this news about 5 minutes ago on Facebook:


I just got a call from the LA McGlone who told me they are NOT pursuing this bill. They did their research and are DROPPING THIS BILL! They are circling around to the Judiciary Committee to give them the heads up. The JC will NOT proceed without prompting from Hunt’s office. McGLone said he was VERY GRATEFUL they didn’t get slammed with emails, he sensed we were telling folks to hold off. He said thank you thank you thank you. They just wanted a little breathing room to see what this bill really meant, ramifications, etc. the info I brought in did that. They don’t want to touch a hair on the head of this excellent piece of legislation!!!

In the last couple minutes Helen has added two more posts, which I’m including here:

THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR VIGILANCE AND FERVOR! Thanks especially to Ron Morgan who broke the story!!!

Back to your wonderful lives!

Helen Hill

In the last couple minutes Helen posted two new entries , which I’m including here.

It was great to know there was an army of excellent, schooled foot soldiers out there ready to go if we needed it! Thanks to all of you for letting this play out relatively peacefully.


If any of you wish, you can send position papers, stats, opinions of judges, legal precedence history, editorials, anything you wish for the file. Mark clearly: Information in favor of leaving Oregon’s 1998 Measure 58 unchanged, or something like that. (There was a new M58 about a year ago, so be sure and specify the 1998 M58).


Thank you, Helen! Thank you, Ron! And thank you, all our wonderful Bastards and friends who were willing to fight for Measure 58. Thank you all for your positive work in this momentary“crisis.” In a year of horrible compromise legislation our rights prevail!

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8 Replies to “Oregon HB 2843 is Dead!: Measure 58 and Our Rights Prevail!”

  1. So happy and relieved to hear this. Thanks, Marley, Helen, Ron, everyone who kept an eye on this, kept discipline, acted with class. Oregon adoptees and Bastards everywhere should thank you.

  2. Thanks, Maryanne! It was so heartening to see how quick we were able to organize and turn this around! And that everyone was able to remain civil. This is a great victory, really. In a time of compromise, the truth and rightness, and rights, prevailed.

  3. Thanks to all of you for keeping an eye on the prize. I do have an observation/question… if I am correct Measure 58 was not “legislation” but rather a voter initiative (government by the peeps)and thus can not be changed or struck down unless the Oregon State Constitution give the legislature that right (and I can’t imagine that it does). I am thinking that the “research” that was done was to verify this. I could be wrong.
    anyway, when I saw the call to actions pooping up I have to say it was scary and I am very thankful Helen, Ron, and you (Marley) were on the job 🙂

  4. Thanks, Cully. In Oregon the legislature can change the people’s voice. As soon as M58 passed on the ballot, the legislature wanted to add a veto to it. That’s how the contact preference form was negotiated in. The pfr was to only a negotiating card in future legislation, but it soon was written into all bills up front. And now vetoes are being called a “contact preference.”

    I don’t know about other states with initiatives.

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