Laura Silsby: Will God Overcome All This?

I’m in the middle of real Work Hell at the moment and am weeks behind on my Haiti work. I did want to post this recent quote from Silsby, though:

God will release me. I’m confident that God will overcome all of this and ultimately enable me to be released,” Silsby said during the interview that was taped several days before Easter.

So what does this do to Silsby’s faith if God doesn’t “overcome all of this?” Does this mean that Judge Bernard Saint-vil and the Haitian courts, even in shambles, are more powerful than God? Or will she blame it on Voudou?

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5 Replies to “Laura Silsby: Will God Overcome All This?”

  1. Well hope the week gets better, we eagerly await but are patient.Funny I though it was the Judge who was in charge here.She could always plead insanity!

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