Bastard Nation New York State page redesigned and expanded

Boy Howdy!

What a tedious day!

After spending part of yesterday and half of today staring at my computer screen, fret- and guilt-ridden, I finally re-designed the Bastard Nation New York State Page.

There was way too much on the page, (who knew the New York 2019 would generate THAT much material?? The page was confusing and unreadable.

To make accessing easier I divided New York into five parts

Front page

2019 Action Alerts, Statements, and Media

2019 Media, Photo, Video and Gallery

November 15, 2019 Signing/Enactment

January 15, 2020 Opening (TBA)

The pages are a full archive of New York 2019’s history and actions, More will be added as I receive it.

Happy reading!

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