Bastardette Twitter Fail- Again – Please Re-up

I’ve had a terrible time with Twitter and have been unable to get in to it for months.  Tonight I decided to fix it and ended up starting over since Twitter thinks that Bastardette and  Marley don’t exist anymore for log-in purposes.. This is my third round with Twitter. Is this aggravation worth it?
Anyway,   I had quite a few Twitter followers last time around.  If you were one or want to be one go to the left and click on “Follow” or go to “Search” on Twitter  and look for Daily Bastardette (DBastardette).  The old Bastardette link  with  Our Little Rhoda’s picture no longer works.

I’m trying to get back into writing more, and with so much in the news I plan to tweet a lot.

Now if I could just figure out how to fix my DB banner that Blogger decided to destroy. 

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