Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys the Heck Out of Us: Trace DeMeyer – Top 5 Reasons

Welcome to the unofficial “Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys  the Heck out of Us” blog week.  Organized by Kevin Ost-Vollmers and Shelise Gieseke from Land of a Gazillion Adoptess, adoptabloggers will sketch out their own annoyances regarding that most sacred of cows.  I don’t know who all is posting and when they will post, but whenever one arrives I’ll be sending out a link  here. My own won’t be up until the end of the week.

Today  we kick off  the fun with  Native American journalist and memoirist Trace DeMeyer keeper of American Indian Adoptees: Lost Children, Lost Ones, Lost Birds.  Trace writes up the Top 5 Reasons the Adoption Establishment Bugs the Heck Out of  Me. Starting with (Lack of ) Disclosure and ending with Gratitude, Trace covers the gamut of adoption paternalism and interference that should be read out loud to every legislator in the remaining 43 closed states.

QUOTE:  I can hear the lobbyist pounding on their tables, “adoptees should be grateful they were adopted.” The adoption industry is a billion dollar business and they don’t want to lose a single dollar in profits. It’s about money. Even now, the adoption industry does not appreciate adoptees or ask how we feel or acknowledge what we endured. We are not invited to sit at their table or join in discussions. That really bugs me!

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