Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys Me: Joy Lieberthal (aka Song Eun Hee): The adoptee as adoption professional

The second entry in Why the Adoption Establishment Annoys the Heck Out Me blog week is Adoption Echos blogger  Joy  Lieberthal  (Song Eun Hee).  Joy is a Korean adoptee and clinical social worker specializing in issues of adoption. Her primary work is with children and young adults helping them to understand how adoption fits into their identity. She also works with adoptive parents.

In her entry Joy’s discusses  the over arching  validity of pap and adoptive parent desire and privilege over the devalued and suspect adoptee experience and voice.

QUOTESitting in my seat though, spending hours and hours with adopted people opposite me, I keep getting dumbstruck by how little our experience is viewed with the same amount of merit, outrage and pursuits for change.  For those of us who continue to dare to change the system, it seems our reputation as someone with an axe to grind precedes us.

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