Happy Thanksgiving 2016

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I hope all my Bastard Buddies are having a great Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to you all for moving the restoration of our rights closer this year than they were last year. And, of course, for your friendship.

Also thank to the Greiners, Granecomes and Reeses, wherever you may, past, present, future for  your acceptance, friendship and support.


“We give thanks for this good green earth and all that lives upon it.

Thanks for the air, the Great Breath that that flows from leaf to lung and back again, sustaining life.

Thanks for fire, leaping flame and glowing hearth, warmth in the cold season.

Thanks for water, the life-renewing rain, the springs, streams, and rivers, the pools and lakes, the great oceans, womb of the first life.

Thanks for soil and for the web of life within it, tiny bacteria, threadlike fungi, slithering worm, that nourishes the grain, the wildflower and the redwood.

Thanks for the sun, for life-sustaining radiance showering down on us each day.

Thanks for the moon, for the waxing and waning light that drives the tides.

Thanks for our living bodies with their miraculous abilities to heal, to give and receive pleasure, to create new life.

Thanks for the food we eat: thanks to all the beings whose death sustains our lives. Thanks to all who tend and grow our food, who plant and harvest, who bring it to us, who cook it for us with love.

Thanks for the great creative spirit that continues to invent, to play, to increase the diversity and beauty around us.

Thanks for the cycles of birth, growth, death and decay that come back around, always, to regeneration.

Thanks for the love and the community we share, for all the ways we express love, all the acts of kindness and compassion that weave us together.

Thanks to the courage of all who stand up for the earth and for justice, who against all evidence and all odds continue to believe in our power to make a better world.

Thanks to all who say yes–yes, we will do it!

We will renew the land and feed the hungry.

We will face down tyrants and set the prisoners free.

We will repair the damage and heal the wounds.

We will learn to live with open hands and open hearts, in balance and in peace.

We give thanks.”


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