Maine: Who Knew? Safe Have Baby Boxes honor adoptees and their stories!

What fresh hell is this?  How does promoting sneak-dumping a newborn anonymously into a box in the wall at the local fire station honor adopted people or their stories?  How does it even honor the adopted promotors of this atrocious bill other than to get them an A-1 approval rating from the adoption-is-beautiful crowd? Continue Reading →


Maine State Senator Paula Benoit believes that simplicity of language is the key to passage of records access bills. She is correct. Compare the simplicity of language of Oregon Ballot Measure 58, Alabama HB 690, HB New Hampshire SB 335 and Maine LB 1084 to the convoluted 77-page Illinois HB 4623 with its plethora of forms, preferences and vetoes which would confound a busload of Chicago lawyers. Would adopta-doyens Rep. Feigenholtz and Melisha Mitchell care to explain why it takes them 77 pages to write a bill that was covered in two sentences in Oregon, and only a couple pages in Alabama, New Hampshire and Maine? Where’s the pork? OREGONBallot Measure 58:Upon receipt of a written application to the state registrar, any adopted person 21 years of age and older born in the state of Oregon shall be issued a certified copy of his/her unaltered, original and unamended certificate of birth in the custody of the state registrar, with procedures, filing fees, and waiting periods identical to those imposed upon non-adopted citizens of the State of Oregon pursuant to ORS 432.120 and 432.146. Contains no exceptions. ALABAMAHB 690Rep(s). By Representatives Dolbare and Fuller HB690EngrossedUnder existing law, an adopted person born Continue Reading →


Yay! The Kennebec Journal * reports that Maine Senator Paula Benoit will appear on the Charlie Gibson Show on ABC this week to discuss records access and the victory in Maine! Bastardette has met Sen. Benoit a couple times and she is one class act! Here’s quote from the article: “The fact that in trying to find my identity Idiscovered that two of my legislative colleagues weremy nephews is a great story, but it is also importantto remember that while the story is great, what ismost important is that because of this law thousandsof adult adoptees will be able to have access to theiroriginal identity in 2009,” she said in a statement.The segment is expected to air Wednesday, Thursday orFriday at 6:30 p.m. on ABC. Benoit’s district includesRichmond, and 10 other Sagadahoc County communities,along with Dresden in Lincoln County. *NOTE: For some reason the link isn’t working, though it was cut and pasted in. Here is the URL: Leave a comment. Already the complaints are coming in.