I’m cross-posting this entry from my latest Theoconia blog since the subject matter relates to adoption. *****It’s that time again! The annual Life Chain protest, aka the most boring anti-abortion protest in Columbus was held late this afternoon at the Ohio Statehouse. (October 7, 2009) The event was sponsored by Columbus Right to Life. I’ve written about Life Chain before ( on Theoconia, go to the “Topics, People and Organizations Covered” sidebar on the right and click on “Life Chain Columbus” and “Life Chain National” for previous posts.) My October 13 2006 “Kool Aid” post details Life Chain history, and mission in relation to Columbus-based Mark Harrington-CBR Genocide Awareness ideology and actions. (For some reason my pictures for that entry have disappeared, though they are still embedded in my entry.) This year, due to the temperate weather, rather than mingle with the crowd, I situated myself at an outside table at Pot Belly directly across from the Statehouse, where I could do a 3-fer: enjoy a late lunch, read a book, and watch LifeChain from a comfortable distance. It’s not like anything much interesting would happen. As usual, the protest started late and no one seemed to pay the protesters Continue Reading →


I’m working on more Nebraska material, but in the meantime, here’s something I posted last week on my Theoconia blog regarding the Columbus Life Chain event last week. It’s adoption related.****** I just returned from the the 2008 edition of the Most Boring Abortion Protest in Columbus: Life Chain. (October 7). Life Chain is a yearly October event held throughout the country. It’s billed as “a peaceful, prayerful public witness of pro-life Americans standing for one hour praying for our nation and for an end to abortion.” It attracts mostly middle class retirees and SAHM-types who wouldn’t dream of showing up in front of CapCare or Founders or shutting down City Hall for a week. In Columbus this means that “respectable” anti-aborts and their kids too young to object to being tricked out, come out to flank the Statehouse, carrying unobtrusive signs that remind the public “abortion hurts women” and “adoption is a loving option.” Never mind that many natural mothers, forced to send their de-parented bastard babies to the adoption mill, would disagree with them. Whatever. Life Chain locally is bereft of Meansies in Blue Beanies, aggressive Bible bangers, traipsing chanting prayer warriors, blown-up lurid baybee blender bits poster Continue Reading →