Except for a perverse fondness for cocktail parties, Bastardette likes to think of herself as an anti-social misanthrope. I mean, is there really a choice between an evening with Dale Hinman and a half-baked family get-together? Yet, Bastardette confesses to an exception to misanthropy. Community “outreach” for Bastard Nation and adoptees. She seldom misses the chance to table an event or blather to a captive audience. Thus, she jumped at the chance for Bastard Nation to co-sponsor, with Chris Anarchist and Yippie! the 2nd Annual Iuka Park Folks Arts Festival & Family Picnic in Columbus, Ohio last Sunday. Low key, unplugged, and easy. Especially when somebody else is cooking. Iuka Park is located in the middle of the University area, on Iuka Ravine. It’s quiet, easy to find, and family friendly. As long as you’re not electrifying your equipment or consuming illegal substances the cops leave you alone–even with a Bastard Nation flag flying. A couple canopies, a couple tables and a homemade stage (which we didn’t use) was all we needed. A storm threatened early in the day but didn’t pour all over us until around 7 PM. About 100 neighbors dropped by during the 7 hours of free Continue Reading →