Adoption agencies aren’t the only bad girls in the baybee making market. Take embryo brokers. Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer ran a front page story on the trials and tribulations of Central Texas resident and skin care consultant (?), Lori Johnson, her pursuit to reproduce artificially, and her lawsuit against Embryos Alive a “Christian” Cincinnati home business run by Bonnie Bernard, her husband Gary, and another relative (relationship unknown) Scott Hasselring. Bonnie Bernard is the founder and former executive director of Care to Adopt and Ohio Home Study She is the mother of a 4-year old adopted from Turgovishte, Bulgaria. (see bio and here for a full rundown of Bernard’s activities and infertility travails). To read the full story on the suit, click on “print.” Otherwise, you’ll only get the first page. The Embryos Alive webpage is full of airbrushed white wholesome moms with airbrushed white blond blue-eyed babies, happily embedded in pink and blue pastel. The only men shown are in real-life pictures of satisfied dad customers. Below Isiah 43:5 we learn that the business “matches donor embryos with hopeful and waiting parents around the world. Much like a typical adoption where an infant or child is placed with adoptive parents, Continue Reading →


Friday, the long-waited Dignitas personae (The dignity of a person), was released by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the approval of Pope Benedict XVI. You can read the whole paper here. There’s no surprises: birth control = badabortion = badstem cell research = badsurrogacy = bad Added to the B List: snowflake adoption = bad Here is what Dignitas personae says about our frozen brethern: With regard to the large number of frozen embryos already in existence the question becomes: what to do with them? All the answers that have been proposed (use the embryos for research or for the treatment of disease; thaw them without reactivating them and use them for research, as if they were normal cadavers; put them at the disposal of infertile couples as a “treatment for infertility”; allow a form of “prenatal adoption”) present real problems of various kinds. It needs to be recognized “that the thousands of abandoned embryos represent a situation of injustice which in fact cannot be resolved. Therefore, John Paul II made an “appeal to the conscience of the world’s scientific authorities and in particular to doctors, that the production of human embryos be halted, taking Continue Reading →