At the end of the last session, New Jersey piece-a-crap reunions-for-the-special bill, A752 was left to die without a floor vote. But you know how these bills are. This session we have virtually the same bill, S799, (Adoptees Birthright Bill) scheduled for a hearing on March 4 in the Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee. All or nearly all committee members support it. What does SB 799 “give” us: An obc except for a white-out disclosure veto that replaces the real thing with a state-mutilated original birth certificate with all identifying information including the address of the parent(s) at the time of birth (if it appears on the cert), deleted. Only in the bizarro world of adoption reform can this be considered an “improvement.” S799, in fact, doesn’t even come up to usual sorry reformist standards. In order to get something out of this lousy deal, reformists intend to blackmail veto-prone birthparents by requiring them to submit a completed intrusive and probably illegal (think HIPAA) medical and family history form that will be passed along to the poor bastard in lieu of the obc. If the form isn’t submitted within 60 days of receipt of the veto request, Continue Reading →


HEADS UP! According to Kristen Kridel in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune, Sara Feigenholtz’s alleged “records access” bill will be heard in the Adoption Reform Committee of the Illinois House on Thursday. (SF is the committee chair). Feigenholtz and professional confidential intermediary money hound Melisha Mitchell gushed proud during their Monday press conference, which included former Denver Bronco’s fullback and adoptee Howard Griffith and Chicagoland radio personality Steve Cochran. Ms. Feigenholtz, in her prepared speech, glommed a line from DMC, without credit, Chapter 1 of everyone else’s life begins with a birth certificate, a document I and everyone behind me are prohibited from having. WLS elaborated: “We have been deprived of our history and our identity. We have been deprived of the chapter that everyone else in this state simply gets.” Ms. Feigenholtz may talk the talk, but she doesn’t walk the walk. Under her cowardly compromise bill some adoptees are more equal than others. Since the bill doesn’t seem to be on the Illinois Legislative webpage (more about that in a minute) we can only judge from the summary posted in the Trib: Anyone born before January 1946 will get their original birth certificates immediately (their records were sealed retroactively) Anyone Continue Reading →