In my previous entry I discussed the recent blog by Heidi Hess Saxton in which she links abortion and adoption, and asserts that adoptee rights advocates, activists, and their fellow travelers are”anti-adoption.” This is nothing new, of course. The silliness that adoptees who want the government’s fingers off their records and adoptacrats out of our lives are selfish, anti-adoption hedonists echos through every statehouse. Records access = anti-adoption = abortion is written-in-stone- blahblahblah by our anti-abortion opposition Even the ACLU tosses it around when all else fails. It is a tactic designed specifically to discredit and marginalize us as disturbed and “out-of-touch” –or “worse” (by their definition). But now it’s ramped up. “trailblazer” commenting on Saxton’s blog takes this laughable argument a step further. A lot further. (cut and past with all typos in tact): trailblazer says:November 11th, 2008 at 9:57 pm It seems clear enough to me that all rhetoric aside the purpose of ant-adoption initiatives under whatever guise (knowingly or unknowingly) is to further the abortion industry by removing one the main legitimate options to abortion. The enemy consistently uses half truths and seemingly logical arguments to gain a little ground at a time as part of a Continue Reading →


Mommy Blogger Heidi Hess Saxton has a really insulting anti-adoptee piece in today’s Catholic Exchange blog “Anti-Adoption Advocates” How Should We Respond? Now that the election is over, one of the most chilling prospects of the future administration is the president-elect’s determination to sign the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA). The implications of this – both financial and moral – are staggering, for it means our tax dollars may be used to snuff out the lives of millions of children. To be truly pro-life, then, is to seek ways to ensure that the need for abortion is eliminated, as far as we are able to do this. Of course, one of the ways to eliminate abortion, Mrs. Sexton tells us, is to force the adoption option on women who either don’t want to be pregnant to start with, or are willing to be pregnant for somebody else if they can pretend later they never were. Mrs. Saxton: The situation would be dire enough … Now grass roots, anti-adoption advocacy groups such as “Bastard Nation” and “Adoption: Legalized Ties” are seeking to discourage adoption, choosing rather to advocate for disgruntled adult adoptees and “natural parents,” including those whose children were taken Continue Reading →


Hundreds of comments have been posted on the ABC Forum regarding records access and adoptee rights. Most of them are on our side, and they are heartening, encouraging, and exciting to read. I hope posters in states with access bills pending will hit the streets running. Here’s am unaltered sample of not-so-happy campers According to them, adoptees are selfish, ungrateful, homewreckers, blessed, chosen, ununderstanding, and uncompassionate. Paula Benoit is selfish and arrogant. Baby dump laws are an alternative to records access. First moms are egg donors. If this keeps up, maybe NCFA will go broke paying off its stringers. AND THE WINNER IS!“As an adoptive parent of four wonderful children i must ay just because the child comes from the viginia a woman does not make her the MOTHER of that child. A Parent is the persons who love and nurture that child forever. Iam truly blessed by our children”…PapaW 1ST RUNNER UP (tie)Oh, whine, whine, whine! Those adopted should feel blessed – they were chosen, not a happening. Be happy with what you’ve got. Stop creating strife and heartbreak in other families. They want to remain anonymouse. Let them be!”…lallen “Shame on Ms. Benoit for using her political position Continue Reading →