Here it is more than half-way through National Adoption Awareness Month and Bastardette hasn’t even commented on this exciting celebration we hold dear to our hearts. I mean, how many other politically deprived classes get their own government sponsored month where they are told how lucky they to be disenfranchised? Only us bastards. And as a bonus we get a scolding (Bastardette, Nov. 20) from adoption hack Aaron Brivan! (Would African Americans be lectured by Strom Thurmond during Black History Month?–Oh never mind!) The other day on BEST (the Bastard Nation list) we were discussing the erasure of “us” from “our” month when resident Bastard theologian Fr. Jack Sweely wrote: > I saw a commercial last night for a new series to start soon on the> Hallmark Channel. From what I gather it will highlight the warm fuzzies of> adoption one story per week compete with the gurgling Gerber Baby and amom> who “felt” her non-pregnancy pregnancy as she waited for “God’s gift.” My> guess is this series will be about as close to representing the reality of> adoption as is the Easter Bunnie representing Easter. Now, not to mix holidays (or is that metaphors?), but resident bmom poet and Continue Reading →


Sunday, two adoption shills, NCFA crony Aaron Britvan and Florida Children’s Home Society David Bundy, crawled out of their cabbage patch to complain about the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute’s “For the Records” report issued last week which recommended the opening of adoption records to all adult adoptees. I obviously have problems with the report, but I’ve also got a problem with adoptacrats who write to newspapers, grinding their fangs because the beneficiaries of their hard work don’t sufficiently appreciate their efforts to disengage us from our identities and rights. And first mothers….it’s a wonder, at least according to these bullies, that the poor “vulnerable” dears answer their phones for fear of what BBB’s (Bastards Behaving Badly) might do. After all, our moms (why don’t these hacks ever mention dads?) were “promised anonymity.” Did they sign the papers in invisible ink? Anonymity? Bastardette must be dense. I thought it was all about “confidentiality” and “privacy” But then, since the advent of legalized baby dumping (what the adoption class nicely calls “Safe Haven laws”) we’ve seen a conflation of these two Axis of Evil favorites with their new favorite “promise”: anonymity. Or maybe these guys think they’re all the same thing.If Continue Reading →