Joan Wheeler has an excellent blog today on the NCFA Stay-at-Home Gala. The eagle-eyed Joan caught something I missed yesterday with the on-site NCFA pictures. A minor point, I suppose–but is anything really minor in adoption?

I’m curious now. Joan wrote:

Those little gixmos are what exactly? Is someone typing into a plastic cel phone to “get” a pregnant girl? Is someone holding a calendar? Countdown to adoption day? One box says “Taboo” on it. Yeah, sure, lots of issues in adoption are taboo. Taboo Toys?! Sex toys from “Talk Sex With Sue”?! (That’s a sex-ed television show out of Canada, folks! Hey, I’m a Social Worker, I’m supposed to know about these things!)

As for “taboo” that should be Taboo: the Game of Unspeakable Fun. For those not familiar with Taboo, the object of the game is to get the other players to say a word without saying any of the obvious words connected to it. Here’s an example played between NCFA and its cronies and gullible leggies: ax murderer, porch pisser, ungrateful, homewrecker, sweating sheets, back seats, danger to society, klepto, serial killer. Answer: uppity adoptees. (Bastards is just too crude for the NCFA crowd).

I collect adoption gixmos myself and I want to know how I can get the Official NCFA Stay-at-Home Gala Collection, including its exclusive Taboo game.

BONUS! NCFA didn’t videotape its Taboo game )that we know of), but you can see a Monica Lewinsky Taboo game here to get the feel for it:


  1. The little blue boxes are probably
    bids on the next adoptive baby the NFCA can get their hands on to sell.

    This was going on during the “silent” auction, a baby being auctioned off by those in the baby selling business.

    Anyway thats my guess, one of those women looks shocked to see something on the little blue box.

    Could it be she couldn’t believe how much those who adopt, will pay, no they know that…

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