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Adoption CertificateOhio Right to Life thinks it owns adoption.

Besides its atrocious, out-of-touch HB 307 “infant adoption reform” bill, which I wrote about  in the Columbus Free Press  recently,  ORTL seems to be taking credit for the passage of Sub HB  23, the new OBC access. bill.  Scheduled to take effect in March 2015, the law  will give the majority of those adopted in the state between January 1964-mid-Sept 1996 their OBCs.  ORTL’s webpage as well as it’s FB page are full of good tidings and great joy over access–something  ORTL opposed viciously  for 20 years.

From the  start of the access campaign I felt ORTL’s support was conditional,  done mainly as an attempt to make friends in the adoption reform circles and move on to bigger fish, manly its  massive plan for “streamlining” the adoption process for paps in Ohio–and in a weird afterthought, to co-op the adoptee rights movement. We supported you, now you need to support us.

Once my public records requests  to various legislators and state agencies are  answered I will have a better picture of this. I’ll be writing at length about HB 23 and how it was subverted by one or two politicians.

For now, ORTL has rolled out a new adoption logo to show us how serious it is about adoption–even as it sinks over its head in adoption politics. #Adoption. ORTL’s new brand.

ORTL adoption


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