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  1. For the first time in years I am excited on election day, can’t wait to vote! Love your picture of suffragettes especially since I just saw “Iron-Jawed Angels” about Alice Paul last week. Women went through a lot to get the vote. All who don’t know the story should see this film.

    Sympathy to Barack Obama and his family on the loss of his grandma yesterday who helped raise him, and let’s hope she is looking down from heaven on a great victory for her boy tonight.

  2. I know he’s her grandson, and I don’t know who will win, not being psychic. Do you know? Just being hopeful, that’s all:-)

    Go away, anonymous troll.

  3. I know that the idea of the likes of Sarah Palin being only a heart attack away from the oval office gives me a sick feeling. I don’t know who is going to win. But I know who I HOPE and PRAY is going to win. Sympathies to Sen. Obama on the loss of his grandmother. I still miss both of mine.

  4. Love the picture and it says it all! I also saw Iron-Jawed Angels and it was chilling that it was so recent, and still, like the stories of the EMS,so already taken for granted and being revised.

  5. What an election!

    What a GREAT image! I wish I’d seen it earlier today, or before even. I’d have snagged it 😉

    Thank goodness for the WIN tonight. What a relief to know that Palin will not be near that office. She is terrifying to me. (to women)

    It’s a shame Obama’s grandmother was not there to see his victory, but maybe she was in spirit, smiling down on him.

    “Iron-Jawed Angels” sounds like a must-see.

  6. AMEN to that, Robin! It surely is a good day; a great day. Good riddance to Bush and his minions and to Ms Moosehunter. Bullwinkle is smiling too! Bush is leaving in disgrace as the worst president ever, as he should.

    Sometimes the good guys do win. Marley, YAYYY for Ohio…I cheered when that vote came in. Guess the vote fixers got stopped this time.

    I am proud to be an American again after years of disgust.

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