NAM/NAAM Day 4: Spam. This is what happens if you don’t check your blog

As some of you know The Daily Bastardette has been my main blog for nearly 20 years. Out of pure laziness this past year I have posted much to my other blogs, the Bastard Nation website and Stop Safe Haven Baby Boxes Now! and failed to repost my work here where it often also belongs. Or written any new material particular to the broader interest-base found here. AdoptionLand has exploded with so many topics and grievances that I often feel overwhelmed. Twitter (I refuse to call it X)  itself is a cesspool of time waste and pointlessness.

Due to NAM/NAAM/NaNoPoblano, however, I’m back here. Much to my horror I discovered, as of this moment, 10,428 “comments” await me. 99% of them will be spam.  I thought I had a good spam catcher. Guess not.! Most of them are in Russian, which I know to a certain extent, and are about shoes, CHATbots, and sex. Gotta love those troll farms.

Now I could just nuke them en masse and be done with it, but I have a sick compulsion to go through them all and cull out any legit comments and respond to them. Class Bastard deserves attention. I might finish by the end of the month.

Let this be a warning to you all. Check your blog regularly. Don’t be like me.

And I’ll be honest. I’m getting behind in my posts. This is pretty much a throwaway, so I can concentrate on poking the bear in a better way tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


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