NAAM: Adoption is God’s will

propaganda babyI’m pretty immune to NAAM propaganda. National Adoption Awareness Month  has an agenda and they push it. Bastard Nation has an agenda and we push it. So does Walmart, BP, Ted Cruz, and the pick-up chicken place around the corner from my house. So what?  You either buy it or you don’t. I hope that people are smart enough to know when they are being offered legitimate information  or being sold a bridge in Brooklyn.  Mythology sells, reality bites.

Then there is this,which makes me wonder if that maxim  works for AdoptionLand:

NAAM propaganda

Now,I know of a few very open adoptions where (and I don’t mean this facetiously)  a sort of “one happy family” has been created. This took a lot of commitment and hard work.  I also know some closed adoption adoptees who have been reunited with their original families where both the birth and adoptive parents get along quite well.  (Some adoptees might argue “too well.”)  Both cases are an exception.

But, can anyone actually believe this NAAM poster? Come together through adoption?  Come together right now over me? That’s not what adoption is about.

It reminds me of  the title of Emily Hipchen’s wonderful adoption memoir, Coming Apart Together,

Propaganda like NAAM’s  looks awfully close to cultural appropriation.  Or inviting your maid and her kids to sit at  your Thanksgiving table.  Remember when Adam Pertman opined that international adoption could bring world peace?

Is praying that a family will be broken up so you can have one really God’s agenda? According to NAAM propaganda, it  is, Or is it?.   As Rosie O’Donnell so notoriously said, “God put you in the wrong tummy and I have to fix it.”

National Adoption Awareness Month was established to promote the adoption of available children in foster care–kids  who actually need families.  Now we have pastel prayer sheets  to bring newborns to those who need them.  Prayer  for a commercial, yet intimate, transaction,to construct a “family” through statute.

Thanks to Jenette Yamamoto for finding this graphic.

Addenda:  For more NAAM images go to its FB page.While most pics are typical, I was very disturbed to see this one:

NAAM pregnant

A headless and legless pregnant woman.I  need to write about this some more, but I don’t have time tonight  Let’s start with the objectification of the pregnant body and women as body parts.


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  1. I say -bottom line BAN ADOPTION : there are countless searching related families besides the mother of her birth son or daughter .Adoptives gave mothers that birth name, out of control as there greed and each mega thousand dollar baby added to the stock market making adoption a huge industry rules these countries issues they keep quiet because it would be worse than Watergate,.The adoptors formed there own groups .cults anywhere but with 1st mother families .Different as daylight and dark the adoptors high up status the wealthy want more and especially a cute just born to brag about as the a-mom had ered the baby ,going through her very fake pain of child birth even dying to save the child ( an adoptor could never know what a real mother did to have her baby ),inseparable for 9 or 10 months . the baby could hear his mothers voice as in the book The Primal Wound ,best selling book to describe this for the adoptees as the adoptors haven’t any part in this for her,it would be irelavant to the adoptive P-or parent. The countries USA and the UK is still involved with adopting another 1st mothers baby without any empathy ,risking the newborn ,or childs life by adopting knowing their rules mothers did not,adoptors wanted nothing better to know the 1st mother passed away,many committed suicide having their babys life then to let her husband raise their child.( LOVING AND UNSELFISH) that’s a REAL kind of mother and later when the child is older they love back unconditionally saying they had the best mother in the world .A child almost grown is told it was adopted,then the child would have a terrible hurtful reaction,then to lie and say that the 1st mother died and didn’t is so wrong,the adoptor should have told this unfortunate child they were bought through an agency ,a friend or not related uncle says how much and why,like the supposed mom didn’t want to gain weight ,she refuses even his knowing about no read ID or med history and never a hint of his past then is threatened of no inheritance,no more nice things so he’s bought off until these go-not understanding everyone gets older and the older we get we get closer to meet our maker or to those that do not belive in God ,pass on,True loving Mothers just couldn’t connect for the greedy social workers that let death happen than give the adoptees their rightful documents of who ,everyone born gets these documents for life except adoptees because of adoptions old arhaic bill passed back in the 30’s separating grown tax paying working people are all denied these in the 48 states except 5-polotitions contradicted themselves since many multi millions do not believe in their outdate ways,They weren’t shot with the greed that runs this country- why,where what-

  2. Marley
    As always, a terrific piece! I just wanted to add a note about the 400,000 foster kids that they claim need placement. The purpose, supposedly for foster care is to reunite them with their families which apparently is no longer the case. Now that adoption subsidy $
    are available, there’s a whole new market for adoption. I cannot believe that there would not be one single extended family member in each one of those 400,000 lives that wouldn’t have stepped up to the plate if they had known the child was being removed. They just don’t bother to make the effort because there would be no additional funds if that were to happen. AS WE KNOW, ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE GREEN. JMHO

  3. Whenever I hear about God’s will involved in adoption, I mentally, say, yeah right, thank you Bitch! for making me the handmaiden so I could produce a baby for someone else, and by the way, she doesn’t really think adoption is so fucking great anyway!

    Really, the pro-adopters have no understanding of where that baby comes from, or how much grief was spilt to make her “available.”

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